Best Dockerfile I've ever written.

- Writes a config file
- Creates a startup script that edits a JS file with an environment variable, and then disables the integrity check for loading that file

"In general, a person will be the best authority on their gender."
- FOAF spec

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First impressions:
- holyfuckingshit I love the design soo muuch
- build quality is absolutely amazing
- the sound is an orgasm for your ears

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> Python’s closures are late binding. This means that the values of variables used in closures are looked up at the time the inner function is called.

> Here, whenever any of the returned functions are called, the value of i is looked up in the surrounding scope at call time. By then, the loop has completed and i is left with its final value of 4.

What the fuck.

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transphobia, one joke, shen bapiro 

Dude had seven years to come up with a single new joke.

Why the FUCK does `arr1.equals(arr2)` perform `arr1 == arr2` (compares memory addresses)???

Java: "Oh yeah you should do thing1.equals(thing2) instead of thing1==thing2 for objects"
Java: "Except for arrays, where it's Arrays.equals(thing1, thing2), because fuck you that's why"

(My doctor initially recommended 10mg, but I asked for a lower dose because of prior bad experiences. It's not like I'm just randomly taking a dangerously high dose. Might ask them next time if I can get a higher dose though)

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Think I've developed a bit of a tolerance to my ADHD meds, so I tried taking 10mg instead of 5mg

I have become a god of productivity, destroyer of procrastination

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