And these aren't even like skirts or anything, just hoodies and jeans I already owned before coming out that I randomly decided are more "girly" lmao

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Julia: *obsessively planning when to wear favorite clothes and when to do laundry to optimize euphoria*

Also Julia: "am I actually trans? But what if I'm just pretending?"


Yes anything, even superhuman shit like staying focused for more than 6 seconds

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With ungodly amounts of methylphenidate, caffeine and adrenaline, anything is possible

I decided to go to bed early instead of hanging in discord with friends. But roommates yelling while playing games and taking in the hall and this FUCKING MOSQUITO kept me up and now I'm just sitting here 11:40pm trying to hunt a mosquito, too frustrated to sleep ._.

drugs mention 

Is there a way to "train" yourself to listen to music better?

I'm somewhat of an audiophile, but recently I've been feeling like I can only really enjoy music to the fullest (or the way it's "meant to be listened to") when I'm stoned. There are just so much more details I can't pick up when I'm sober.

Other things about weed I could live without just fine, but the way it affects how you listen to music is just something else

wtf gay tinder is so much better

people have like,, actual personalities??


Best Dockerfile I've ever written.

- Writes a config file
- Creates a startup script that edits a JS file with an environment variable, and then disables the integrity check for loading that file

"In general, a person will be the best authority on their gender."
- FOAF spec

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First impressions:
- holyfuckingshit I love the design soo muuch
- build quality is absolutely amazing
- the sound is an orgasm for your ears

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