Do y'all remember how that comfy pepe meme seemed so over the top?

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Hello Fediverse!

This account will post announcements from the Reproducible Builds project ( as found on the birdsite, but will also boost Mastodon content related to the topic.

Happy to meet you all!

#introduction #intro

The first thing that happens after your consciousness is uploaded to the matrix is you see an AWS-themed dialog asking you to pick an availability zone.

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Today, we're releasing the full text of THE MAKING OF THE TECH WORKER MOVEMENT by, a ~50 page zine that tells the story of how the tech worker movement was made, and how it remade the people who participated in it.

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Listening to viking rednecks from hell and cooking garbanzo soup

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Jokes aside, are things significantly or tremendous

Astroturfing is sleazy yeah, but astroTERFing is just godawful

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Oh no I typod food as foid. Will I ever recover?

Bro dropped his muscle milk and looked like a big sad puppy

I'm a leftcom so i went to the climate march and put my best resting bitch face with the petits

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RISC-V support has landed in musl libc 🎉

Laughed when it got to the os.system2() part. I somehow missed the hype about V...


what the actual fuck is one-party consent lol

Are they more ok with pilice brutality now that we've militarized the police?

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*seinfeld bass line*
So, whats the deal with tankies?

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