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RISC-V support has landed in musl libc 🎉

Laughed when it got to the os.system2() part. I somehow missed the hype about V...


what the actual fuck is one-party consent lol

Are they more ok with pilice brutality now that we've militarized the police?

*seinfeld bass line*
So, whats the deal with tankies?

Hey, teacher, play less dadrock songs.

Do not add this to your prompt

PROMPT_COMMAND=$'(( $? )) && $(fc -nl -0) -f'

Is there any AAA game house without any sexual harassment allegations? So far I've read about Bioware, Riot and Rockstar.

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asking for help again 

I decided to add a rule to my fontconfig to replace Helvetica/Arial with IBM Plex Sans and I"m very happy with the result

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Who are you supporting in #Eurovision

If you use a Dell laptop I assume you're a fed.

I have no problem with, the straights

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workers at riot games are walking out today to protest the company's decision to use forced arbitration to prevent sexual harassment lawsuits

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I typoe'd and now I want it to be a thing.

I went to a visualization talk thinking it was about security and now I'm extremely disappointed.

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