Ah, the smell of surveillance capitalism and its dangerous branding of minorities so that any abuse of power just becomes an issue of "technical oversight" in the evening.


Super user is the lamest super hero out there

Why the fuck is it called an "emergency handle" if I can't pull it during an emergency?

I occasionally open this picture to cheer me up. Now it's yours, internet.

Just read @kity 's blogpost about activitypub and the mastodon architecture. Very interesting! Inspired me to dig more into the activitypub spe :D

Read it here:


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Why is my timeline people comparing their age to windows versions?

(older than 3.0, but younger than 2.1 btw)

$ git stash list
> a whole world of changes you thought you had committed


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we did it mastodon, we snuck the anarchist flag into a economist video

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Tfw you realize ":O" is the poor man's shocked pikachu.

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RMI is that you creeping on my left hand? :>

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Seeking couch in Dublin, overnight Feb 3rd. Will buy you a beer if you show me a good pub. Please boost!

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