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Here's a computer problem, 9/10 developers can't solve it.

you have two computers,

One you are able to upgrade any of the parts or even use an entire server room full of computers as good as money can buy

The other is a computer-like device picked randomly from anywhere on the planet statistically it's going to be a low end android phone

You have to display an image on the 2nd device

where do you choose to do the bulk of the work required to render the page?

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Ich wurde provoziert! Ehrlich.

Das ganze Elend begannn mit einem Spiegel-Artikel zu TrustPid,

Das hat @fluepke gleich zum Anlaß genommen, da gleich mal reinzugucken.

Und ich wunderte mich, wieso das möglich ist. Ich meine, die Involvierung des Users und des Browser ist doch irgendwie komplett optional.

Ich hab das hier mal skizziert.

Schöne Realdystopie noch.

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I work at a ccTLD (.IS), and lately we are seeing a *lot* of new accounts immediately registering multiple domains that all had been registered in the past. I suspect we're not the only ccTLD that sees this.

We know of at least two instances of this being used to take over social media accounts that had e-mails in expired domains set as backup e-mail addresses.

This seems to be organized and well-resourced.

Please double-check you don't use e-mails in any expired domains anywhere.


Ich sehe mir nun auch mastodon etwas genauer an. Mal sehen wie viel hier so los ist, zumindest ist die lokale Timeline schon mal interessanter und freundlicher als bei Twitter 😁 – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community