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My year in music! 🎶

So I started making playlists for every 1-2 months beginning in January, to capture the music that I like and which fits my mood during that period.

And since I'm an analog geek, I try to make every playlist to fit a 90 minute cassette tape. 🖭

Maybe they are interesting to some of you people too, so I'll pin this toot and post the playlist links as a thread below. 🙂

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when you can't cd .. from /home you're homestuck

Watch me play #Minecraft live at 23:00 GMT +2, that is in about one hour.

Silly commentary inclusive!

due to new EU regulations EDM is no longer allowed to call itself music, and is now to be referred to as Electronic Dance Sounds

my gender is a 256-color gradient with excessive amounts of banding and dithering

*snifsnifs you*
*rubs cheek on you*
there :3

food shitpost 

sweet dreams are made of beans

trainsgender shitpost 

if I got a tattoo with a trans symbol on a train I would be trans on trains on trans on trains whenever taking a train

urgh can you please not boost dead animals without CW into my timeline -.-

same for violence btw

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