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hm, it has been quite a time since i last played game dev tycoon...

tired: 952^3
wired: q(952) with q being defined as x^3

bender form futurama is bending unit V 22 and he's the 1729th produced.

So why is his freakin seral number 2716057?

Shouldn't it be like Bending-22-1729 or something similar?
No i don't care about your difference between cubes (952^3 - 951^3)

and yes, that's a shitpost.
It tends to happen

1) switch profile pic to Bender Bending Rodríguez

2) ponder about killing all humans

3) switch back and act like nothing ever happened

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@saxnot When in doubt, check the CensorBib.

This is a collection of papers for everyone who's interested in infosec and censorship. Maintained by Philipp Winter, a Tor developer.

(¹ while mentioned in the article that this was a valid argument of the past it's not the core essence or the linked essay)

I'm not saying this idea is any good. I'm not saying ideas have intrinsic values. I'm not saying that this is a new concept.

I wanted to actively avoid the term "blockchain".

quick idea:
decentralized publishing where every article is signed by and can only be edited by it's author.
Articles sync around in the network, making censorship hard.
Hosting costs decrease for the published, DDoS gets harder, illicit modification of articles afterwards gets harder.

i miss delegates in java

delegates are awesome

(behaving more robotic really fits into the visual identity of this profile, given that I use HAL as profile pic. But I just assumes that this would get boring after 2 days or less)

I'll initiate shutdown sequence now.
Good night.

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what do y'all use for pair programming-type things over the internet?

tbh I wouldn't consider "Sintel" to be a work of art. Too many shadows are missing. The skin doesn't look like it goes deep. is very stable
quality is very good.

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