unpaper+tesseract still yields far inferior OCR results.
How can I improve my opensource OCR pipeline?

Currently I am using (GUI) which runs and -ocr.

Sorry Karl Popper but your language usage makes you look stupid.

Never have I seen move complex sentence structures and unnecessary synonyms. This really makes me think that the person writing this book cares primarily about being regarded as smart (a.k.a. book is no better than furnace fuel)

Leather is a great material, not only for shoes but coats, bags, ... basically everything!

But why should it come from animals?
Artifical leather is so good it has the same chemical properites, looks the same, smells the same but still there are people out there who want leather from animals. I don't get it. It's the same qualiy but cheaper & less harm

android 30 refers to the sdk version, not the marketing version put in stores.

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Does someone have a android GitLab CI yaml file which works with android 30?

The official packages don't work and my dockered-jaa-based file sort of sucks

For some reason my X220 screen is incredibly dark after I tinkered with it. What's broken?

Color is okay.
It's uniformly dark.
When I change xrandr brightness the screen gets brighter.
When I put the screen in darkness the screen emits light (so I guess its not the backlight?)

My does not properly deal TLS certs.
For example querying test.* delivers a cert for git.*

Not sure how to debug this


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