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"A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence."
- David

(no longer tagging DiCo)

It's not a fundamentally new approach. was debated back inthe 90s when e-mail was the hot shit.

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I feel like a lot of people (e. g. @digitalcourage) could have done this better.

It's fairly easy to build.

And DiCo could build it without bullshit lingo like:

> Based on the underlying mechanisms of the blockchain, Friendly Captcha employs a fundamentally new approach to securely defend your websites

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Found a Proof-of-Work

"Friendly Captcha does not depend on tracking your users and exploiting personal data. Plus, your users no longer have to deal with tedious labeling tasks. They don’t have to do anything at all."

"A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence."
- David

Dear I don't care about "being on a roll".
Don't make careers into an endless optimization game.

Optimizing your career results in
- more money
- unfulfilled
- feeling of not being enough
- sadness
- perhaps coworkers you dislike

Ultimative goal is to escape desire, escape shame of capitalism and live the high-status life of having no need for status.

No seriously.
"The status of no status" is this stance of "Yeah I don't need a phone my agent handles that for me" or "Yeah I really don't need this fridge I live in a van by the river and own myself"

And for further context: I want to gift my sister books for her birthday. She reads via .

I always pay full price for gifts because g2a/b-ok seem sort of ill-spirited.
Ofc I would never pay full price for a book I read for myself. Information wants to be free lol

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Right now I am reading pirated epub and when I like it then I buy and donate it.

It's... not really the best(?)

My hope (illusion) is that someone else shall find this brand-new book in the community library and will buy more books of the same author / recommend it / talk fondly about it / etc.

Publishers feel like the landlords of publishing. They gatekeep and profit from it. Yikes.

Many authors don't have a donate button

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How do I support authors?

Ich schaue gerade das Video und... ey ich wünsche Deutschland würde Menschen mit mehr helfen.

Autoimmunerkrankung und Depression und so sucht man sich als Schülerin ja nicht aus...

What's this "Land of Catastrophe" in ?

Is it a mod?

Pilze sind weder Pflanzen noch Tiere.

Schleimpilze sind weder Pilze, noch Pflanzen noch Tiere.

Hefe sollte im Supermarkt bei Obst/Gemüse sein. Da wo auch die anderen Pilze sind...

Sometimes I feel like an Fediverse-Nationalist.

Twitter culture is toxic.
We don't want em.
Except they follow our rules.

Yeah that sounds like my grandma about muslims.

I really enjoy and his well-thought views.

i. e. he says everyone is an artist and capitalism holds us back. Schools make us submissive and other things young-us would have appreciated.
Him having these opinions and being considered a successful publishing icon really is a breath of fresh air.

his podcast
his wobsite

(not sponsored)

I pride myself in understanding

and .

I think a lot of people think there's a way to consider Inception with logic. That's not how Christopher Nolan makes movies.
It's grand and weird.
You feel... uneasy.
Things one does not understand.
Am I in a dream? Now?
That's the point.
It's illogical by design to leave us touched and slightly confused.

I disliked

Perhaps I didn't get the point?
What was the message of the movie?
Greed destroys morals?
Cocaine prices too cheap?

I liked the "made it without a scratch" scene. The timing was genius.

It feels like a powertrip for what people assume to be wealth.
"When I am wealthy I will constantly do drugs and pay women"?
Plot made no sense.
No likable characters.

Years ago I watched S1E1+S1E2 of .
It has morals.
And uh... less horrible characters.

The pilot characters are godawful.

Still didn't like it and never archived my goal of becoming a brony.

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Watched The S1E1

poor Pam.
workplace abuse isn't fun
She deserves a HR talk, financial reimbursement for the harassment done by this pretentious dude (parkour meme dude) and moved to a better team.

Just move Mr. Chill and Mr. OCD away from each other if they hate each other so much.

i don't think i will continue watching

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