A 3D printed immersion of the Klein bottle, which I am going to attach to a keychain.
The real life size is 3 cm, so it is smoother than it looks. ;)

On a related note: My hamster seems to be nocturnal indeed...

Oh, rebuilding the web interface for my hamster wheel monitor to use WSGI instead of CGI was worth it. The loading time reduced from ~1.5 s to ~30 ms.

Apart from the data, which is too uniform, because it is randomly generated test data, this is starting to look good. :)

It works! My first can actually fly! :)
And thanks to my girlfriend I have some nice pictures of the first flight.

Sadly, I won't make any more progress today, because the screws for mounting the arms are too long. I guess that's the price you pay for buying cheap components.
I am still happy. :)


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