Hey @nextcloud is there a auto-updater coming for MacOS?

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@schenklklopfer @nextcloud my Nextcloud client already announces a new update. I just have to confirm that I want to do it.

@fotojunkie I only get the notification but always needs to download and install the new version manually.
But maybe it is in the new version already this way.
We'll see :)

@schenklklopfer I installed my NC client via homebrew and this - normally - keeps stuff up to date. Sometimes the brews lag behind the official versions by some days to some weeks, but normally it works just fine.

@fotojunkie @nextcloud

@holger Ah, I see.
Well, I use the official Download from the Website.
So the client itself misses an updater as it has one in Windows.
@fotojunkie @nextcloud

@nextcloud @schenklklopfer @holger i‘m also using the official download from the website. It quite sure why it doesn’t ask you for an update and performs it by itself.

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