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"Sorry to ask, but what pronouns do you prefer?"


"It can be difficult to tell what gender someone identifies as, so I like to ask. It would be rude to just assume."

"Oh! I see. Thank you, that's very respectful."

"No problem. I'm your guest, after all."

"Honestly, the concept of gender doesn't really exist for my species. What would you have assumed?"

"Well, the flower petals make me think 'he/him' but the wings are more 'she/her'?"

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Can I haz cute, tsun demon girlfriend to fool around with, pliss?

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I wish ONE of the sdcards was actually lying around somewhere here 😔

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Comparing how different devices display the SSID "á̶̛̛̓̿̈͐͆̐̇̒̑̈́͘͝aaa", in advance of Zalgo's arrival

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“In 2015 researchers Limb, Limb, Limb and Limb published a paper on their study into the effect of surnames on medical specialisation.” #wikifinds

My throat is sore and I am very unhappy about it.

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I think we should never look at mental illness solely as an isolated phenomena. There's a psychic cost to all of this shit that surrounds us

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Früher habe ich viel Spiegel und Zeit online gelesen. Beide sind für mich nicht mehr verfügbar. Mein Browser öffnet sie nicht mal mehr. Und wenn ich zahle passiert dann das?
Absurd, etwas als Journalismus zu bezeichnen, was man nicht anonym lesen kann.

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going back in time to explain to people in 2010 that an online bookstore is going to take over the world

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SA/SH mention, sex work 

one of my loved ones who’s planning on entering the sex work industry told me something haunting today as we were talking about her prospective job:

“we already get sexually harassed and assaulted for free. why not make men pay for the privilege of doing it when i can expect it?”

that shit struck a chord for me.

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Apropos of nothing in particular, today I learned how to block people on Mastodon. Remember kids, free speech rights don't mean anyone has to read your BS.

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commission/illustrated haiku, CW for being a bit gross 

So here's a fun thing: my two talented artist pals that are in a relationship both (independently) commissioned me to create pictures for the other. Alfie commissioned me first but his birthday was also first, so he got this photo-realistic portrait

(Note: he's immortalised in my illustrated haiku world - this isn't a norm for my commissions.)
#mastoart #art #illustr

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das Problem an Mastodon ist ja das ich nur 1/10 so vielen Leuten folge wie auf Twitter und deswegen kaum Content hab

Hugh Grant is hot as all hell.
I mean, I don't know who Hugh Grant is, but hot damn.

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Hey folks, we have 10 days left on our campaign! Think we can unlock the large stretch goal of romantic/sexual orientations? We are $300 away from making that goal! :blobcatrainbow:

Boosts appreciated! :boost_anim_vanilla:

I got kinda depressed and anxious earlier and then I randomly browsed Steam a bit and read reviews and I realised I live in a world where video games exist and now I feel better.

At least with my perpetual state of sad anxiety came the ability of being cheered up by ridiculously simple means.

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idea: first episode of a show we show a black witch re-casting an HRT spell.

"A year and a day, should be permanent now."

And then the show moves on. Not entirely ignoring that she's trans but not exclusively focusing on it either. Sometimes it matters more that she's a woman, sometimes that she's black, sometimes that she's trans, mostly that she's a witch.

Stories about our struggles are important but sometimes you just wanna see trans gals living their lives.

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