I've created a c3space irc/matrix/XMPP channel for further planning.

IRC: on irc.hackint.eu
Matrix: :irc.hackint.org
XMPP: @irc.hackint.org

Feel free to join me there if you are interested.

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It may not be the most elegant solution...but I have working color bitmap support in lib for ST7735 on

This is cool: "Over 100 Years Ago this Telephone Tower in Stockholm Connected 5500 Telephone Lines", themindcircle.com/stockholm-te

finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

i wrote a blog post about how i locked a service down with systemd and a few util-linux tools. As it turns out, it's surprisingly easy to think about, but rather involved to implement fully.


Found one of the bugs in my ST7735 library in for STM32F103... Displaying mono color bitmaps seems to work now,


Okay, wer erinnert sich noch gut genug an den 33C3 und kann mir sagen, welches Lied auf der MP3-Gitarre im Partyklo lief?

Seems like the 2m section of the diplexer for my SatNOGS station is rather close to the simulation.

Need to wait for some parts to finish the 70cm section.

Multiply this by videos, by audio, by every other media type.

The "creators groups" who supported this batshit proposal said over and over that these technical issues would be solved once nerds were told they had to solve them. They said NERD HARDER. i

They've told Europe: You can have free speech, or copyright, not both. They will be believed. Make people choose, and they'll choose.

My fellow artists: you will not like the choice they make. You have made piracy into a form of political protest today.

We can start by making "breaking the internet" a political third rail. I've been in policy fights where politicians were being asked to do things that would make people replace small, inexpensive TV components and they were TERRIFIED.

Old people watch TV like crazy, and vote like crazy. Breaking TV, even a little, is political suicide.

That's how we'll win the internet freedom fights. By targeting and destroying the political careers of any politician stupid enough to vote in favour of this idiocy.

"AMSAT Vice-President of Operations, Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA says that the camera on AO-92 is planned to be used to try to image Hurricane Florence during North American east coast passes on Thursday, September 13, and Friday, September 14"


Do NOT use it

Zu der EU-Leistungsschutzrecht-Geschichte:
Jetzt stellt euch mal kurz vor Google und Konsorten versuchen EU-weit den gleichen Move wie damals in DE: Sie werfen erstmal alle aus dem Index, die ihnen nicht sofort erlauben gratis weiter Links und Snippets zu benutzen. Und die Verlagslobby die das Gesetz mühsam erkämpft hat stellt sich quer. Und alle die sofort zusagen sind irgendwelche richtig widerlich braun-rechte Nachrichtenseiten.

Ja Dystopie kann ich.

Nehme Kurz die Kopfhörer ab, höre durch die offene Tür : "...stell dir doch einfach die e-Funktion in einem 4-dimensionalen Raum vor..."

Ab und zu vergesse ich dass ich in einem Gebäude voller Mathematiker bin.

Since everyone is slowly falling into full planning mode:

I'm currently thinking about setting up a themed assembly again.

Like last year's CSOC the assembly would be intended as place to hang out (and to show of projects) for everyone interested in space exploration, space travel, satellites, cubesats, satellite tracking, diy astronomy, amateur rocketry ... you name it.
See last years website c3space.de for examples.

Anyone interested?

Hey, PodcasterInnen auf Mastodon!
Competition: der Tim fragt drüben auf Twitter nach euren Podcast-Setups. Kriegen wir hier auf Mastodon mehr zusammen? 😜


Also: postet Bilder eurer Podcast-Produktionssetups hier als Bild unter dem Hashtag .

Darf geboostet werden.

The large heatsink in the middle is cooling a LM7805 linear voltage regulator, so they have 5v which they supply to the the input antenna ports as phantom power. That's for the really expensive directed active antennas which give you about 1km of range given a clear line of sight if there is no interference with other signals
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