"In Deutschland betreibt CCC derzeit 79 Läden, die aber offensichtlich keinen Gewinn abwerfen."

Introducing concurrency to solve any given set of problems, will result in a set of problems at least twice as large and they all occur concurrently in arbitrary combinations.

Reminder: In order to be satisfactory, all tea must be brewed in compliance with ISO 3103. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


Startdatum für Es'hail 2 fixiert. Der erste Geostationäre Amateurfunksatellit started diesen Donnerstag (15. Nov. 2018). Endlich!

Empfangen kann man ihn nach Komissionierung mit einer "normalen" Astra Satschüssel die zum Es'hail Sat ausgerichtet sein muss. Dazu noch ein passender LNB und ein SDR, beides in der Preisklasse <<50 Euro. Zum Senden braucht's dann aber eine Amateurfunkgenehmigung - Das wäre doch ein Anlass oder?


To get the silkroad rolling at we need help, especially, with the build-up, but also for the tear down.

You should not fear height for this.


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Going from student to working full time is weird. The weeks are much shorter now and I'm usually to tired to get much work done on my hobby projects during the week.
On the other hand I can suddenly afford the tools and parts to make really well engineered and professional looking stuff with very little effort.
After years of improvising with little to no budget, this feels actually surreal.

Knapp 25 Teilnehmer beim Amateurfunkkurs von DL0HSK.
Wenn jetzt noch min. die Hälfte bis zur Prüfung mitzieht wäre das schon echt genial.

Some spare parts and a few hours of work later the large FB53 beam at DL0XK is working again.


Anyone in my timeline that owns or knows somebody who owns a and would bring it to ? We would like to rent them for Komona.

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Okay could do a quick sed call and fix the name within my fork repo. However anything depending on the upstream package will have to modified as well. And looking at my dependency list that's a lot of stuff.

Aside from that I can't simply rebase my changes on the latest upstream to get bug fixes. So bad idea.

I've just tried to fork a go package, because I needed to some custom patching to it. (Nothing upstream would be interested, it might even break stuff, but works for what I need.)

Turns out that's a really bad idea, as the repo name doubles as package name. That didn't seem like a good choice to me when I first looked at go a few years ago. Well at least I know now why it felt problematic to me back then.

Auch hier nochmal der Hinweis: Ich suche noch 1 Engel-Voucher für den . Der Grund steht im Blogpost:


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