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The parents came back complaining loudly shortly after I took the picture and closed the box. They continue feeding them while the other two started to practise flying. (Hopefully without getting noticed by our cat.)

Just saw two little birds with their parents leaving the nest box in our garden. Curious, since only two is really bad survival rate, I decided to get the camera and take a look. Turns out there are 5 more just about ready to leave the nest.

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Quick #notpoll especially for those in #Germany:

Would you mention that you are a member of #CCC when applying for a regular IT job?

Please boost especially to :)

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Toying with font designs, here's a very constrained 6x6 pixel font, full ASCII range. Use for whatever you want as long as you want it to look retro-techy. Use lowercase at your own risk.

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@sebastian Bestes Feature: Ganze Antenne kann auf 1m Packmaß zusammengelegt werde. Upgrade auf kompaktere 60cm kommt noch.

Hmmm irgendwie finde ich keine passendes Rufzeichen, kann aber auch sein dass ich das verwechsele, gehört habe ich heute viele Leute. Aber es gibt einen DC2UK in Haßloch da ist wenigstens Charlie mit drin.

Antennenbastelprojekt funktioniert ... Hab erfolgreich vom Höllenberg aus mit dem Werner aus Haßloch (Rufzeichen irgendwas Mike Charlie) via DB0XK ein sehr nettes QSO geführt (Zitat: "ja gut dann erbarme ich mich mal für DL1SSK"). 18km zum Relais und ein Berg im weg. Geht super.

Can't really measure SWR or anything else anyway, as I'm still in the progress of building the equipment for that. So I'll just have to eyeball some stuff. As long as I don't short out my radios output it should be fine.

4 out of 5 antenna elements done. I'll finish the last one tomorrow and then I'll to take it for a nice little hiking trip up the next mountain to test it.

Falls hier Leute auch Spaß haben wollen:
Chrome-Extension die Blockchain durch Atomenergie ersetzt. (Plus ein paar andere Wörter austauscht.)
Idee von hier:

I think my usual perception is that when I end up in situations having to rely on luck, I probably messed up at some earlier. So being lucky meas to get away with having made mistakes, which is nothing I find particular enjoyable.
The only noteworthy exception is mountain biking. You can't go that fast if you actually need to know what's around the next corner. So it's plan and act as long as there's time for it, while reflexes and survival instincts can handle the rest.

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@sebastian Avoid global shared coffee or you might accidentally poison your mutex

Computer scientist movie night:
The Stateful Eight

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2FA and MFA are all very well and very good, but have you tried MMA? Mixed martial authentication is quite popular in some kung fu movies, e.g.

"You do not truly know someone until you fight them."

Dinge über die man sich diebisch freuen kann: Den einen ssh-tunnel der noch steht und der alles was gerade in Infrastruktur ausgefallen umgeht. Damit hab ich auch wieder Netz und kann arbeiten.

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Stolen SDRs on eBay, watch out Show more

@Bobo_PK gibt es eigentlich schon eine Aufzeichnungen von deinem GPN-Set online irgendwo?

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"A malicious DHCP server, or an attacker on the local network able to spoof DHCP responses, could use this flaw to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on systems using NetworkManager which is configured to obtain network configuration using the DHCP protocol."