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Bitte beachten: Bei Schneefall sind auf der Datenautobahn in alle Datenendgeräte C64 oder schneller Schneedisketten einzulegen.

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Are there any 1€ or cheaper VM-Hosters? Thinking about setting up a few honeypots again.

Zum ersten mal seit einem Jahr muss ich wieder Elektronikteile bestellen. Spricht für meine Vorratshaltung/früheren Hamsterkäufe.
Aber 1 pF brauch ich echt eher selten.

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Falls das untergegangen ist: Angela Merkel erwartet, dass es in spätestens 10 Jahren mit an allen Bahnhöfen geben wird:
Das Pilotprojekt wurde schon verlängert.

Ferrous Oxide For Jaguars And Incremented Crocodiles — A really nice blog post on how and why object orientation is different from other languages you might know.

Jabber-Server erfolgreich auf den neuen host geschoben. Das Todo ist auch schon fast 1,5 Jahre offen gewesen.

After a few hours of playing with vcvrack I actually got something that sounds almost like I knew how music worked.

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Attention font nerds! What is this glyph? It appears twice in the Hershey font and I can't find a unicode equivalent!

Hmmm I wonder how strictly they'll enforce the first bullet point.
Technically stating that something is 'a dumb/stupid solution' might fall under that.
Or asking wether one of the 'greybeards' has a better idea.
Arguing about naive solutions might also be covered by that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm usually all for some ground rules for communicating within a project, but I've also been 'kicked' out from communities for accidentally using a wrong word.

And once again I find myself waiting for the results of simulation which is utterly slow since one of the main libraries involved does not believe in multi threading...

@nickfarr @flowfx @sebastian No I've started to think about hostile forks of that style guide when I actually wanted to be asleep. Problem with being Hacker ... as soon as you try to come up with a process for something you immediately come up with ways to sabotage it and then yiu fix them and then it starts all over again...

@nickfarr @flowfx @sebastian Might be hard to find people for that job. Especially with the discussion getting heated so quickly. I wouldn't want to be in the middle of that.

@nickfarr @flowfx @sebastian Also I quite like the idea of an human interaction style guide as community written document. It could just work. The only problem I see is that it needs somebody who is going to moderate the process. In the end somebody has to push the 'merge pull request' button. Ideally somebody everyone involved trust with that process. Or even better a group of persons.

@nickfarr @flowfx I finally got around to listen to epsiodes 7,8, and 9 (I had a lot of work to catch up with at one of my programming jobs). So as feedback: I really like the idea of talking to locals. It's a nice additional view on things.
Funny side fact: When @nickfarr was talking about feedback from "Bobo" immediately knew who you were talking about, but when you said "sebastian" I though: Oh there is another sebastian on the fediverse, who commented about that podcast. My brain is weird.

So assuming the 120fps mode on my crappy smartphone does actually do 120fps, the projectile went at least 20m/s.

Look at what I've just found, by looking at the difference between frames. This frame seems to show the projectile twice. My guess is it rotates and doesn't reflect as much light at all angles.

The bank stored roughly 14As and let's assume about 20ms to discharge them which creates a current around 700A. And I'd assume it discharged faster then that.

The classic experiment using an aluminium ring inside a strong changing magnetic field. Filmed with 120fps and slowed down to 0.1 times playback speed. Still the ring is just gone from one moment to the next. 230V and a lot of ampere.

Handlicher Thyristor ist handlich.