@sebastian The sad thing is it took most of november to build, while the actual time spent working on it is less than 10h.

Admittedly a little to late, but my project is finally finished. Just in time for the @fsinfo_kl_en Christmas party.

Thank god, I don't have to wear it.

Bald dürfen uniformierte Soldatinnen gratis Bahn fahren. Dabei geht es nicht um Dankbarkeit, sondern darum, die Akzeptanz von Bundeswehr-Uniformen im Alltag zu erhöhen.
Das zeigt die interne Weisung des Verteidigungsministeriums, die wir veröffentlichen: fragdenstaat.de/blog/2019/12/0

Does anyone know of study that directly compares WIFI and 5G in terms of energy consumption?

Ideally for a comparable setup with the same number of clients, similar traffic patterns and a similar coverage area.

Hat jemand zufälligerweise noch so ein Camping Ticket für den über?
Beim Presale waren wir unerfolgreich, haben aber als reisegruppe schon einen camper...

I just explained to someone that you can't just prefix things with cyber so they sound cool.

Of course somebody else hat to point out that I once published a paper at a conference called: "Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems"

Der Congress-Presale ist ne ganz schön einzigartige Sache. Ich bin Teil des Vorverkaufs-Teams, und habe hier aufgeschrieben, welche Probleme wir zu lösen versuchen, und in welche Lösungen wir dabei laufen. Das liegt mir ganz schön am Herzen, verständlich zu machen, warum das so ist, wie es ist. events.ccc.de/2019/11/18/behin

ok boomer
(note to self: find way to combine with "only 90s kids will remember" for big meme energy)

@linuzifer Ich seh in den Netz
Sehe guten Cyber, schlechten Cyber
Eine ARP-Tabelle die neu beginnt
Durch Ping und DDOS
Wird in guten Cyber und schlechtem Cyber
Dein Downstream bestimmt

@SuricrasiaOnline I think the only query I've gotten a good answer from WA for is "mass of moon in cheese". It gave me the nutrition facts for a ball of cheese the mass of the moon. Which is what I wanted!

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 💜

I've been informed that this is also called
middle-endian (catb.org/jargon/html/M/middle-), like the PDP-11 stuff, it's just a different order.

The Idea behind that one seem that if you can only read 16bits at once, you can construct a 32bit big endian integer like this: result = read(0) | (read(1) >> 16);

I'm looking at a 32bit integer inside some data packet and the byte ordering is [byte 1, byte 0, byte 3, byte 2] with byte 0 containing the least significant and byte 3 containing the most significant bits.

Big endian with the order of the two 16bit words swapped?
WTF is wrong with those people.
The PDP-11 did something like that, but not exactly that permutation.

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