Okay we've lost. For now.
However they underestimate two things:
1. The internet was designed to work/route around the damaged sections.
2. The internet never fully forgets.

1. bgp cannot help against legally enforced censorship on the application layer
2. well remembering hasn't gotten us anywhere either

1. I don't think open services will die, they will just get considerably harder to run/use from within the EU.
2. If it gets half as ugly as I image, a lot of people will be negatively affected on a daily basis. We only have to ensure that they remember whos to blame.

@zalandocalrissian @sebastian It's not about BGP.

»The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.«
-- John Gilmore (1993)

Similar as BGP routes around broken networks, the internet itself "routes" around censorship.
Take down the video platforms and there will be video platforms as hidden services, or other alternatives.

This is based on the people's creativity when it comes to finding a way to do what they want to do combined with joining forces using a world-wide web.

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