For the last few months I've been helping a school prepare for CanSat (a sort of satellite mission, only its orbit is about 500m). They've asked for more help on the electronics.

Custom PCB's are a possibility.

Breadboard currently has a RPi pico, bmp280 sensor, LoRa module and potentially a GPS and method of driving a servo. Nice to have would be an micro sd slot

Opinions please. Too much for 17/18 year olds?

My KiCAD fu is bobbins so would need a checker to point out errors as well.


@g7kse Depends on the 17/18 years olds I guess.
Back when I was that 17 I build a barometric altimeter for a school project. I derived all the math and physics for it from first principles, designed the hardware, etched my own PCBs and implemented the software including logging to SD cards for an ATmeg32 in C. (Arduino wasn't a thing back then.)
So If you have motivated students, who know how to use the internet and are willing to do some trail an error, you can probably push it a lot further.

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@g7kse Also if you need someone to take a quick look at some KiCAD stuff, just poke me.
I need to some catching up with all the lastest features, but I should be able to help you with most of the common stuff.

@sebastian that was my thoughts. I doubt I'll ever meet the students in person but they are very innovative. It's a great project and I'm not looking to do everything for them.

I'm going to spend some time with some datasheets and KiCAD and see where I get to. I've had enough PCB's back from the fab shop that need some adjustment I think this one will need some checking. Thanks for the offer.

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