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I guess I forgot my 😅

I'm Esther (she/her), came over from the bird site yesterday for obvious reasons after side-eyeing Mastodon for years. I'll remain in both places for now but mostly not cross-posting.

I post a lot about queer and trans stuff, tech (a career that I'm just leaving now), my music and art. Also probably more psychology in the future.

There's more stuff here:

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One more from that shoot. Love how the fill light tints the shadows blue

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First studio photo shoot since forever tonight and it was a lot of fun. Also LED light panels are great to have around.

I really need to write this article I’ve been sitting on for months about how modern web development complexity is largely motivated my finance and patriarchy.

„Capital and misogyny have brought us React, Typescript and GraphQL“ … I’m sure that will go down without aaaany issues at all …

People still seriously recommend Idiocracy … a deeply cynical and ignorant film dealing in eugenics ideas (you know, literal Nazi shit) and attributing right wing politics to "stupidity", thereby treating it as a far lesser threat than it actually is.

Sarah Z has a very good analysis of everything wrong with it

I don't understand the logic of when the mastodon web client shows a "(1)" in the tab's title. Sometimes when it happens I look at the tab but nothing has happened. Anyone know what's going on there?

Hot shower take: the vast majority of big AND actually useful web frontend improvements over the past 10 years have been made in CSS, while JS has eaten orders of magnitude more in resources and collective brain space.

Not to mention that the people more closely working with CSS, often coming more from a design background, have been paid much worse than JS focused developers.

It's a mess currently. Several unused modules that I need to sell off, cable routing that doesn't make any sense, bad ergonomics 😰

Ok, if I look very closely I can see a difference between 1080 and 4K but I don't think it's worth the extra effort, especially since audio is so much more important.

4K is great as raw material to have editing flexibility but as a delivery format I don't think I need it.

People who publish on YouTube: when uploading HD or 4K material, du you wait for the processing to finish before setting the video to public so everyone gets the high quality version from the start? Or do you let the low quality version go out first?

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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Für viele Sachen braucht eins ja Einkommensnachweise. Normalerweise wäre das eine Kopie der Gehaltsabrechnung, oder Belege über Sozialleistungen, etc. Wie ist das ein eins gar kein Einkommen hat? Wie weise ich die Abwesenheit von Einkommen nach?

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My theory is that there is a finite number of socks that can exist in the universe. As we create more socks, other socks must spontaneously disappear, for example from my laundry basket

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