Rolling to by train, for more fun and smaller footprint.

Cologne - Aachen - Liège - Brussels - Paris - Valence - Nimes - Montpellier - Beziers - Narbonne - Perpignan - Girona - Barcelona 🇪🇺

My feeling is that Slack's decision to contain emoji reactions in a pill shape is a degradation. Less space (read: resolution) per icon, lower fidelity.

Any suggestions for a password manager that is fool-proof, so my dad could use it?

Today I proposed to my employer to compensate for the CO₂ emissions of all our flights. Let's see.

So nobody does ever sign email sent automatically?

Who does X.509 signing of transactional email? Have you ever encountered this? And are there services similar to Mailgun or Postman supporting it?

If you are the type of person attending Berlin, I recommend a visit at the @giantswarm booth. We are looking for great new colleagues to build with us the best managed you can think of.

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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

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Hallo Mastodonten,
hier entsteht jetzt langsam mein "politisch geprägter" Account.
Aller Anfang ist schwer, deshalb freue ich mich gerade wegen der noch fehlenden Inhalte besonders über Menschen, die sich informieren und vernetzen wollen.
Auf geht's!

Aber eine nette Übung. Es braucht keine 100 Zeilen Python, um alle Dokumente zu archivieren.

Und ich scrape mal wieder ein Ratsinformationssystem, als wäre es das Jahr 2012. . Nix mit 😔

@pixelfed Any chance I can get a response? Should I create an issue in GitHub instead? CC @dansup

pass ls with a path output instead of the pseude tree would be what I'm looking for

Any idea how I can iterate over all passwords from pass, the password manager CLI, in a shell?

@pixelfed Meanwhile I found that the same problem exists with posts that only have one photo. How to edit the description?

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