As password managers are a hot topic lately: Why do I see so few people requiring

(a) command line use capabilities
(b) Open Source and the ability to audit security and data flow?

(a) is a pure taste thing, of course, but together with (b) I am completely puzzled to see professional developers not caring about the two combined.

I use

Aus den Eurowings Bedingungen. Wie praktikabel ist das denn?

Is there a source for AWS electricity mix per region/datacenter?

Gibt es eine englische Übersetzung für das Wort ?

Detailreiches Abarbeiten des "größten Hacks aller Zeiten" (SCNR) aka mit großem Security-Serviceteil

Welche der 16 geblockten Tracker soll ich denn für entblocken, damit Ihr mir Inhalt anzeigen wollt?

So wird das nichts mit uns.

Ein Motivations-Post für -Muffel: Gekommen, um zu bleiben. Gründe, jetzt das Fediverse zu betreten.

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dear parents who justify using DNA genome sequencing services:

if you sequence your genome, you're also sequencing half of your kids' genomes.

if both parents sequence their genomes, then 100% of your kids genomes are also sequenced. why? because the data companies can create composite genomes which have a high likelihood of matching your kids.

so your kids will get to deal with the consequences of your indiscretion through higher health insurance costs and possible denials of care on genetic grounds.

in other words, you're contributing to making the world a worse place by having your genome sequenced by these for-profit companies.

beyond that the ancestry features don't even work: my mother is registered Choctaw with 1/4 blood quantum and yet the results said 97% white, 2% native american, 1% black.

this is because genetic testing for DNA markers and associating them racially is not real science, it's genetic homeopathy. anyone can carry any genes at any time.

anyway point is don't sell out your kids by using these for-profit services. they sell your data and the consequences are devastating.

Seems I have to learn about

How would you connect a group of smartphone users (non-geeks) in a chat, using a free, privacy friendly solution (as a replacement for a WhatsApp group)? Is there anything interoperable that doesn't enforce everyone to use the same app?

(Security only a minor concern here, but shouldn't be worse than WhatsApp)

After deleting the app from my mobile, now deleted , too, to gain back some peace of mind. Too many notifications with too little relevance.

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"Decentralization is biodiversity of the digital world" - Reasons why you should care about how your social network is run and structured

Hörtipp: Mehmet Daimagüler, Nebenkläger-Anwalt im Prozess, über den buggy Rechtsstaat im Gespräch mit Deutschlandfunk Nova

8. Mastodon feels quite usable. No more "let's wait a bit longer", "let others pave the way" feeling. It's not hard work. It's quite enjoyable!

7. You want to be avantgarde. In 2025 you most likely want to tell people you were one of the first five million fediverse users.

6. The time will hardly be lost. Tools like allow you to take out the stuff you posted/uploaded. You get your followers and follows lists. You can take all this to another tool, should you recognize that you like another tool better.

5. At the current stage of the , you still have lots of opportunities to do something rather unique.

4. Quantity is not everything. 3M users is not a small number, if you reckon that these are mostly early adopters very keen to get involved with whoever does meaningful stuff here.

3. You can actually still get to know all the relevant tools out there as named by @switchingsocial , while the longer you wait, the more complex the ecosystem will be.

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