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we are and we are -friendly .

Free as in AND as in beer. (donations are welcome)

You don't even have to register an account (unless you need persistent rooms). Just visit senfcall.de/en/ - klick on "start meeting", enter meeting name (password optional), press "start" enter your name and have fun senfing. The call-invite link you find at the top of the chat.

@senfcall Welcome to the Fediverse and thank you for what you're doing with #BigBlueBotton! I am new to it, but was somewhat familiar with #Jitsi already. I'd be open to any thoughts you may have on comparison between the two. (It's great we have two open source video calling ecosystems now!)

@jgoerzen i'd say it's mainly feature-wise. has an integrated pad and shared presentations with drawing. In our experience BBB is easier to change to custom setups. on the other hand is easier to set up.
We can't say much about the compliance of Jitsi, but to be compliant, BBB needs a bit of tweaking. We developed some tools for this purpose, which you can find here: senfcall.de/en/opensource


@jgoerzen and i forgot: BigBlueButton has more advanced moderation features.

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