Who did a 250 people yesterday on ? O.o

We would love to hear whether that actually worked. :D

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@senfcall A few weeks ago I had 180 users on my server and from the statistics it looked like that worked. I was surprised as well :)

Congrats to 250 simultaneous users! :)

@psy @senfcall That was 250 users in just one meeting on one of the servers. That server alone had 500 concurrent users when the unfortunate loadbalancing of Scalelite happened. We quickly adjusted the load balancer config so that any new meeting did not go to that server, but by then it already had those big meetings which continued for an hour. See

@basisbit @psy yes it's a 'bit' more than 250 for all our servers, but for now we will keep it a secret. 🤫

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