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we are and we are -friendly .

Free as in AND as in beer. (donations are welcome)

You don't even have to register an account (unless you need persistent rooms). Just visit senfcall.de/en/ - klick on "start meeting", enter meeting name (password optional), press "start" enter your name and have fun senfing. The call-invite link you find at the top of the chat.

@senfcall Can you enable English as a fallback language in settings of the bbb instance? Currently the instance is always in German and having English as a fallback will be useful to a lot of people. See github.com/bigbluebutton/bigbl for how to enable it.

hey @praveen , the majority of our users are German so we unfortunately can not change the fallback to english right now. However, the language detection works pretty well in most cases. Only when you use without an account you can run into trouble. If you register an account, you should be fine (senfcall.de/en/help#account-re).

Thanks for the tip about creating an account. Do you know if BBB support an option to set language from a URL parameter ? If it allows choosing a language from the interface that can work as well, may be I should file an issue.

@praveen docs.bigbluebutton.org/dev/api
It seems like the API does not offer that. However, be reminded, that uses its own join mechanism, so there is some text which will always stay german, while should detect your browsers language correctly and set the language accordingly.

@praveen also you can change the language in the preferences (three dot menu in the top right corner).

Thanks! With browser language set, BBB detected correct language. Would it be possible to offer English version of the public.senfcall.de room creation page? Also offer English default slides if browser language is set to another language (other than English which may be default even for German users) like Malayalam?


@praveen for now, offering default slides in a different language would exceed our capacities. We will talk about whether we can offer the public room creation page in english.

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Thanks. I think BBB should support choosing default slides based on chosen language.

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