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Wir trauern um @NiciDieNase . Du hast über viele Jahre den Entropia und die Gulaschprogrammiernacht mitgeprägt, bis es Dir krankheitsbedingt nicht mehr möglich war. Danke. Für alles.

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omg ich sterbe 🤣

Japanische Forscher*innen haben sich damit beschäftigt wie die Interaktion zwischen Fußgänger*innen und autonomen KfZ gut funktionieren könnte. Das Problem bisher: Da es kein/e Fahrer*in für den Blickkontakt gab war für Fußgänger*innen am Zebrastreifen nicht ersichtlich ob das Fahrzeug sie auch wirklich erkannt hat und verstanden hat, dass es sie rüberlassen muss.

Die Lösung:

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selling a barely used headset (that is too small for my big-set head 😔), Germany & EU 

Oh, I forgot to attach a picture!

Like I said, amazing color scheme xD

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question about autism, :boost_requested: 

My girlfriend's wondering if other autistic people have trouble figuring out what clothes to wear based on being told what the temperature is outside. Do other autistic folks also find that difficult? Is this something allistic folks have trouble with? Boosts very appreciated!

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Hi #mastoadmins, I might need some help.

We have someone that wants to request an account at our instance. They are rejected cause the E-Mail address seems to be taken but we cannot find the email in the admin frontend nor in the database.

Are there caches, that might need to be cleared? I only searched in the users table, are threre other tables to search through?


Ich wurde heute schon mehrere Stunden, immer wieder mit Pausen, von meinen Kätzchen gekuschelt, und das ist einfach so unglaublich schön :3

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One of the things I love to have learned early on, is the difference between liking a thing, and liking the idea of that thing.

Example: I love the idea of a bohemian life style, the artsy writer, living in a metropol in a messy place, attending weird parties and vibing with the city.
And for a short time, I thought, I wanted that. But that lifestyle would make me miserable. I'm noise sensitive. I need stability. Alone time.

It applies to so many things.

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Von einer ursprünglich sehr zurückhaltenden Katze von Tag zu Tag mehr geschmust und geputzt zu werden ist so ein schöner Vertrauensbeweis :3

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Tecgnische Probleme brim remote P&P spielen: Die Katzis haben live ein Kabel abgekaut und plötzlich war der Call weg :'D

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A question on language and emoji.

Do emoji belong in the sentence or outside? Would you place them before or after the closing punctuation?

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Self-care is ongoing. It's not a one and done fix for everything. Take care of yourself today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

OH @halfur zu einem unserer Kätzchen, das beim erkunden ganz viel Staub gesammelt hat: "Du bräuchtest eine Unterbodenwäsche"

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:boost_requested: question at fedi about kink/fetish terminology 

What's the difference between kink and fetish? I never really got it.

I did look it up once and had something I understood but when talking to people they said that that's actually not right so I'm confused again


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Ah, btw if anyone is looking for a new home close by cologne and wants to live with me :blobcatfingerguns:

(you can also write me via fediverse) :boost_ok:

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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how to survive hot summers 

with temps surpassing 40º in the UK and my European friends woefully unprepared to deal with hotter and hotter summers, I thought I'd share how we do it back home.

- Change your wardrobe. Don't wear jeans or thick, tight clothing in summer. Light colours help, but it's less important than the fabric being loose and breathable. Imagine you get a gust of wind; can you feel the wind? Linen fabric and synthetic activewear are great for this.

- Cover all your skin when going out into the sun, either with loose breathable clothing, or sunscreen.

- "But I'm only going to the tram" – if you don't like dying of melanoma, sunscreen yourself before walking under the radiation of the nuclear deathstar in the sky.

- Wear a summer hat and/or sunglasses.

- Always be sipping. Doesn't matter if you feel thirsty or not, carry water bottles everywhere, fill them on taps, sip often. If you don't the symptom isn't necessarily thirst; it's feeling tired, sluggish, brainfog etc., eventually sunstroke.

- Learn how to make hydrating serum (1L water, 20g sugar, 5g salt). In case someone has sunstroke give them serum; it hits faster than pure water. (also good for other forms of dehydration.)

- Tea and coffe hydrate you, even accounting for diuretic effect. Alcohol dehydrates; if drinking alcohol, drink at least the same amount of water with it.

- Give up not sweating. Sweating is good. It's a very efficient evaporative cooling system (that's why you need breathable clothing, and sipping water).

- Cold meals, refrigerated fruit and ice drinks are great. Counter-intuitively, hot drinks cool you down too, by hyping up the sweat system. Same goes for hot-spicy food. (this literally cools you down, look it up.)

- Don't go outside when the sun is high. Don't eat in outside tables when the sun is high. Don't go to parks, pools or beaches when the sun is high. Wait until the deathstar isn't killing you.

- Lower your expectations of productivity. It's the apocalypse, fuck work. Procrastinate in the hot hours. Kill time. Nap. Implement the siesta as an institution.

- The buildings here are more prepared for cold weather than hot. You might want to invest in good fans, or even cold floors. High ceilings are fresher.

- The higher the air humidity %, the less effective is sweating at cooling you. Be extra careful on high-humidity high-temp days.

- summer nights can be surprisingly chilly. don't get caught unprepared in your super-breathable, breezy hot girl look during a temp drop with rain and wind outside 3am.

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Don't ignore the horror but find joy when you can. Joy is healing. Heal yourself when you need it.

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aviation fact 

Oh, and if you're ever in such a situation: if you notice a smell of hot dust / plastic, that's normal. These generators get very hot when they're reacting, so a slight smell of burning is nothing to worry about, the cases are designed to withstand the heat.

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Unsere D&D-Gruppe hat grade magische Stiefel gefunden, die machen dass eins durch viel schweres Gepäck trotzdem nicht langsamer wird. Wir haben beschlossen, sie unserem Packesel anzuziehen ^^

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