work, software related, positive 

I love doing test tasks at work. I have not been trained for that yet. Imagine this conversation:
Me: "Can I break anything if I run it? *being very worried*"
Colleague: "Yes, please try your best to break it!"

appointment, routine, mental health 

You know that thing, where you can't concentrate until your routine breaking appointment?

Well, at least it's early, will have to leave at 10, only half an hour to wait…

work, positive, but mentions negative things 

So, today I feel so much better about work, even though I produced less code than on other days. Why?

I told about my issues and now it feels like, if it takes long, it's because I have to wait for others, not because I'm bad at it.

work, mental health, negative, asking for help 

What do you do, if you plan to work, you even know the task and what to do to at least get started, then when you sit down to do it, your mind blanks out and you cannot do it?

It's like a wall, blocking all work related thinking, besides, of course, worrying about it.

Not sure if it's relevant, that the work is coding.

Question about screen readers, partially solved 

Setting language detection to "aggressive" makes it a bit better, but it still has some problems when choosing between English and German…

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Question about screen readers 

If you use a screen reader (on android especially) and you get messages in multiple languages how do you configure your reader to talk to you in the correct language every time?

Pflanzen, Aussaht 

Wir haben Chilis gesät und potenziell zu viele, falls alle angehen 🌱😃

8 Sorten, davon insgesamt dann 6 Samen

weather, positive / + 

It's snowing where I am 🤩

CW: content warning meta, politics, police, uspol 

Maybe I'm the only one who has this problem…

I cannot easily parse "uspol". It takes more than a minute to read it as "US politics" (and sometimes I read "police" instead). Until then I probably already opened the toot not knowing what it's about, mostly because of curiosity.

If I'm not the only one, could you write out the word "politics" and the countries, if applicable, in CWs?

rc3, rc3world, deutsch 

Ich habe einen Ruheraum gefunden mit Sitzsäcken und da ist sogar ein Flauschehörnchen :3

Delivery, positive / + 

Today, I got something delivered, while I was still asleep. When I got up, I found the parcel right in front of the apartment door.

Not with neighbours or in some station I would have to get it from, no just there on the stoop of the door.

It's an inside hallway, so quite secure, and I love it this way.

planned weight loss, sports, feelings, both positive and negative 

I must share with you, that I started a new workout routine. The last couple days I have alternated between a HIIT session and yoga each day. I started this because I felt I couldn't move enough any more. Since doing it, I feel better and hopeful. Even though I'm still about the same size and weight, I think I can move myself around easier and that's great. Though I hope to lose a bit of weight as well ;)

"Um das genauer hin zu bekommen müsste ich eine Kaffeebohne herausnehmen und eine kleinere suchen" - @halfur

Gesundheit, Deadlines, negativ 

Wie soll man eigentlich zu was kommen und Uni-Deadlines einhalten, wenn der eigene Körper bei jedem Mal aufstehen, weil gerade Energie da ist, um was zu tun sagt "Haha, ausgetrickst, du hast doch keine Energie mehr"?!

Unitymedia Karlsruhe 

Wartungsarbeiten am 28.8. zwischen 00:00 und 06:00 Uhr mit Störungen bis möglicherweise 30 Minuten.

Unterwäsche (BHs), Body Image (negativ) 

Ich recherchierte letztens, weil mein 90C BH einfach sehr schlecht saß. Habe mich daraufhin vermessen und neue BHs zum testen bestellt in 85E.

Unterbrustband passt, aber eventuell muss ich mit den Cups auf F hoch gehen.

Ich will weniger Oberweite 😭

Ich habe dieses Bild gemalt, aber ohne genauen Plan, und jetzt sieht das so gut aus, aber es fehlt ganz viel, doch wenn ich jetzt was dazu male habe ich Angst, dass es alles zerstört

Brauche Katze, aber keine Katze bei mir 😿

Bin mir nicht ganz sicher, aber eventuell beginnt gerade bei mir eine Erkältung 😶

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