Nick is going back out to do his land stewardship work at Fly Ranch and is hopping trains to get out there again.

Should we do an episode:

We may have become a Burning Man podcast.

Also, if you want to get on our next Superfans episode, reply in the comments with generally good days/times for you to record [NF]

At home? Alone? Most certainly not, you have @nickfarr and @flowfx coming to you with Episode 30 of Several Ways to Live.

Huge news in the episode too!

What do you want us to talk about in the next* episode? [FX]

*the one after the one that @nickfarr still has to do show notes for.

So while @nickfarr figures out how to get people paid during this crisis, we're asking YOU to send us questions about FUN TOPICS for our upcoming mailbag episode!

Let us know if you'd like to guest star!

As of right now, @nickfarr has 24 hours to write show notes and publish episode 30. If he hasn't done so until 12:13:pm UTC on Tuesday, @flowfx and all our listeners will be very, very disappointed. [FX]

So. Our friend José has been quarantined in Mexico City. After he returned from a visit to .. Germany.

ba dumm tsss.

Episode 29: @nickfarr returns to his apartment in Mexico City, a perfect time to plot new episode ideas with @flowfx for the upcoming year.

Three episodes posted in one day after only three months of slacking!

Episode 28: Where @flowfx podcasts from a Spanish speaking country while @nickfarr plans his return to one:

Send us your draft ideas for 2020!

Now @nickfarr just has one set of show notes to do.

Even though we recorded Episode 27 on the same day as Episode 26...we're releasing it now, several months later.

Now @nickfarr only has TWO shows left to add show notes to to. TWO.

The number of episodes that @nickfarr has to add show notes to is at 3. [FX]

Current status: planning an in-person recording at an undisclosed location at a secret time of the year. [FX]

The number of episodes that @nickfarr has to add show notes to is at 3. [FX]

Nicoläs now has 2 (two!!) episodes to add show notes to, before releasing them. Please send him some encouraging words to Mexico! [FX]

Last episode, we podcasted from a train.

We skipped right past the plane, and now we're podcasting from an automobile...with screenshots embedded into your podcast player! [NF]

We are actually recording now via Sat Phone. Unfortunately, the train @nickfarr is on is going through mountainuous terrain, has brake problems, and now Nick is cut off. Wonder what happened. [FX]

Who wants to listen in to our next recording which may or may not happen via sat phone from the middle of nowhere? [FX]

@Cheatha Where and how would we go about creating our own stickers?

And who would want to have one? [FX]

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