Can you believe it's already been a year since @nickfarr and @flowfx started working on the podcast?

Can you believe we found out because our domain expired?

I'm sure you can.

(Thanks @don for the head's up)

Thanks to @tom79's Mastalab-Comments plugin for WordPress, your comments to our episode-announcing toots will now appear on At least, that's the idea. (I think).

What did you think about episode 19?


Look, those planes were flying really low...and other show notes we just completed from our latest episode you should check out now, including news on our hotel accommodations

The @nickfarr and I met the other day to record an impromptu episode of @severalways2live:

We talked trucking, airplanes and trains.

There may or may not be a new episode available at Shownotes will later be provided from Hungary, or Serbia, or wherever. [FX]

Because my train is late I might be able to finish editing this episode of @severalways2live before the @nickfarr arrives in Vienna (or at least Budapest).

There may or may not be a new episode available at Shownotes will later be provided from Hungary, or Serbia, or wherever. [FX]

just saw a massive twitter thread about how mastodon is bad because it's hard to build a brand or an audience on here and hahaha bitch exactly

I had planned to meet @Cheatha for lunch but had to settle for @nickfarr instead.

@severalways2live @luricaun @Bobo_PK @tatzelbrumm @flowfx @nickfarr

*Announcer Voice*
And who will listen to this episode after every single regular listener participated in the recording?

Sorry couldn't resist ;D

WE'RE BACK! Recorded LIVE at the and featuring the amazing crew of @luricaun @Bobo_PK @sebastian @tatzelbrumm, our 18th episode covers topics on everything...except food and Mexico.

Will @sebastian make it home in time?
Will @tatzelbrumm ever stop trolling?
Will @luricaun ever get his handle properly pronounced?
Will @Bobo_PK ever release his set?
Will @flowfx ever get the shownotes @nickfarr promised?


The publication of our next episode is severely hampered by the current state of "broadband" internet in Germany. [FX]

@flowfx @nickfarr @severalways2live
I just managed to listen to SW017 and Kathrin is absolutely hilarious and a blast to listen too. And this is meant in the most positive and comforting way it can possibly be meant.

Those moments when she drops those bombs at Nick I felt strongly remembered at the episode with Nick's mum.

Conclusion: More women in your podcasts.

I had a blast. Thank you for this and tell it Kathrin as well!

I just realized that episode 18 of @severalways2live will be named `GPN18`.

Thanks to everyone who made my first chaos event a memorable one.

So many things I've seen, so many nice people I've met, so many impressions to remember.

It was a blast and it won't be the last.

Thank you

Call the waaaambulance, because Florian and Nick ended up getting solidly burned by our special guest and Florian's wife: Kathrin.

Between those sick burns, the happy couple reflects on their time in Mexico and what heading back to Germany will be like. Nick does his best to be inoffensive and horribly fails.

@severalways2live I am going to be that guy but was kathrine drunk or not thaaaaat sober? Poor @nickfarr got burned sooo often. That helicopter made me look up to the sky and look like a fool at a traffic light...

Using my remaining mobile data volume to upload the ruffmix of episode 15, err, 17 of @severalways2live to our secret file sharing location in the internets. Should be published sometime this week. I hope. If bandwidth stays strong.

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