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Last episode, we podcasted from a train.

We skipped right past the plane, and now we're podcasting from an automobile...with screenshots embedded into your podcast player! [NF]

We are actually recording now via Sat Phone. Unfortunately, the train @nickfarr is on is going through mountainuous terrain, has brake problems, and now Nick is cut off. Wonder what happened. [FX]

Who wants to listen in to our next recording which may or may not happen via sat phone from the middle of nowhere? [FX]

@Cheatha Where and how would we go about creating our own stickers?

And who would want to have one? [FX]

This one is different:

Please don't start listening to this podcast with this episode.

But other than that: Happy Monday!!


Is @Cheatha to shy to talk with his bad english on a live podcast? /cc @severalways2live

If you have a question for @flowfx or @nickfarr now is your chance to Toot it at us and have it answered live on our first Livestreamed podcast

We are streaming LIVE from Santiago, Chile and Mannheim, Germany:

Maybe this will even work...


If rumors prove true, there may be happening a live recording (and stream) between Chile and the @RaumZeitLabor tonight.

All depends on @nickfarr's mic situation, though.

Stay tuned. [FX]

The rumors are true: Another episode has been recorded.

Now deprived of Tacos, Mezcal and Sun, the obvious topic is: Depression

(It ends on a happy note, we promise!) [NDF]

¿Can you believe it? @flowfx's recording setup is _finally_ working again, and @nickfarr leaves to hang out with some firefighters in the desert.

That's not what I'd call dedication. [FX]

Anybody want to help @flowfx out and edit our next episode? We will record tomorrow morning German time. [FX]

Anybody want to help @flowfx out and edit our next episode? We will record tomorrow morning German time. [FX]

I met a fan today.

In other news: people listen to this thing!


To not have one’s plate have yanked from underneath you the moment you finish your meal: very soothing.

To have one’s dirty plate sit in front of you for more than a few minutes: highly disturbing!


Btw: yesterday’s recording was released “this morning”:

Obviously no one has time to listen to it atm anyways. [FX]

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