Let's just hope the services provided to Philadelphians (schools, libraries, arts, parks, transit) actually improves with the city's newfound revenue.

Sorry for being that guy with covid opinions again, but Philly is just trying trying to make the most wrong and confusing pandemic decisions it hurts.

No masking on septa required, but don't spectate an outdoor event? WTAF?

Outdoors = low risk

Glad our mayor is saying our local transit authority is setting COVID policy for the whole city. That's super good. Nothing strange about that!

I will admit this one is a lot more subtle, but the building is formerly "bell atlantic tower" and tenants still include telecoms verizon and comcast

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Comcast technology center looks a lot like the cross section of coax, though it could also represent fiber when it's lit up

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Ok, so are comcast center, comcast technology center, and three logan square (formerly "bell atlantic tower") supposed to evoke usb drives, coax cable, and RJ11 phone cords or is this something my subconscious made up and I tell people to sound smart?

Masks can help, I'm not disputing that. To what degree I'm having trouble understanding. But to make the day and the news be all about masks if there is in fact a new legitimate threat just seems so bizarre to me.


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It just seems like worrying about masking was a very 2020 thing when we knew nothing about the virus. Now we know a lot more ways to mitigate the risk & target that mitigation that aren't so politically and emotionally fraught, that we could be spending political capital on.


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...how spending time outdoors is safe and good for mental health -- with a call on the city to keep streetlets in place.


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That all said there may be better ways than masks (or addition to masks?) to mitigate this risk. Why has public health learned NOTHING from the past 2 years? Some of that messaging yesterday could have been spent on the importance of ventilation for populated areas....


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"We should have never lifted the mask mandate." Also a terrible take. COVID has dynamically changing risks we need to respond to. Mitigating risk from the virus has costs and may not be worth it if the risks are low.


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I'm not sure that if I were calling the shots I would have been so quick to reinstate an indoor mask mandate, but:

"This is all for nothing. There's no need for a response." Terrible take. We don't know that.


My @PHLPublicHealth COVID take is that they should fix the viz so you can scale both axes. It's impossible to see what's actually going on since February. Would love a log scale toggle too while I'm pleading for features.

This could be more complicated than I thought. I have no idea what is going on and I'm not trying to take sides. It seems like there's some unfortunate bad blood which is sad to see in any case.

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thinking about writing a twitter bot that just automatically quote tweets philly gov accounts with dead flag blues lyrics

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