I am looking for another flat but in Berlin this takes ages. (If you know of a free, affordable 2-3 rooms flat, please ping me!)

I don't know how I will get through the next months of home office.

I take any advice.

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I have had panic attacks due to this, sometimes burst in tears when the noise starts. There is no end in sight - he has been building for months in his 40sqm flat already, if this was about fixing something it would be over already. I can only assume he uses it as a workshop.

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I have asked my (very nice) landlady for help. She can't kick him out during . I called the police. They asked him to stop a bit earlier, and can't do anything else.

Of course I asked him to keep it down, he says it's his right to make noise.

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I need help.

My neighbour @kaystrasser has been using loud electric tools like saws almost every day this spring, and is starting again. It's so loud I had several meltdowns and don't know what do anymore.

I take any ideas you have - also names of good lawyers for this.

Yay, there's a design for \o/ That's enough time to design and print cool stickers and send them to us before the deadline for our snail mail sticker exchange 😄

Deadline: 12.12.20
Infos: stickeroperation.center/2020/1

We're looking forward to seeing your designs!

At first I thought the design for was kinda nice and then I started looking at their style guide and the other files they provide for inspiration and... 🤯

“Our prices are low so we’ll treat all our potential customers like they’re maybe bad people” is weird marketing 🧐
RT @Hetzner_Online
@shiromarieke Our low prices attract a lot of suspicious customers. And we have a responsibility to prevent abuse however we can. Our experience shows that being overly careful and having some false positives during the account verification process is very effective. 3/3 --Helena, Marketing

@shiro My account validation was denied by Hetzner multiple times despite providing a valid passport and all the documents required. When contacted they refused to tell me why they wouldn't take me as a customer...

I never understood why and ended up getting an OVH machine

Weird things:
- After the check they turned me down without even saying how to fix the issue
- They can't tell me why the check failed because they don't want their security processes to be understood by other companies
- A selfie with my ID will fix whatever issue there is O_o

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I just wanted an account at @Hetzner_Online but they don't accept my French ID as proof of identification and refused me as a customer. Ranted on the phone: turns out they can't tell me why, but I can send them a selfie.

Did anyone have a similarly shit experience with them?

Btw: Follow @auerfeld for bullshit-free updates.

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No matter how unbearable has been in the last years, no matter how bad the “let daddy go back to his kids” support campaign is: Press freedom is under attack and we can’t watch away while some UK court is allowed to set a bad precedent because we just stopped caring.

Hey @BVG_Kampagne - seit wann kontrolliert ihr denn Fahrscheine von Menschen, die gerade auf dem Bahnsteig laufen?! Bahn verpasst, thanks for nothing.

The way @RocketChat currently handles threading is an absolute nightmare.

“Do you need that fancy feature?”
After more than a year at @prototypefund I've finally managed to find some time to contribute to our blog - so here are some learnings and tips for your project!


Corona is like that creepy dude who doesn’t understand the word “no”.
RT @Bashsalon
Es ist egal, dass Du keine Lust mehr auf Corona hast. Corona hat noch Lust auf Dich.

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