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Heute sind wir mal nur Workshopteilnehmerinnen. Die Zeichen stehen gut.

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The steam will be available here! We will stream the first two talks only. Start at 20.45 Berlin time! twitter.com/c_v_e_n/status/115

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! Join us tonight for @claucece@twitter.com's update on Ola Bini's case. @freeolabini@twitter.com

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If I was to find some enthusiastic Django-devs (learners welcome) looking to help on a project that's actually useful … where would I start? @pretalx@twitter.com would be much more useful for future ccc events, if it had some kind of built-in Mail/Ticket Support. Hacking at ?

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Join us tonight at @cbase@twitter.com to listen to @qbi@twitter.com telling us about his experience of the raid & how to behave during police raids!

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What data does store about its users?

Join us at tomorrow at @cbase@twitter.com in Berlin to listen to @kattascha@twitter.com's talk on this topic!

This talk will be in German (the rest of the event will be in English).

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Morgen ist es soweit: Transcyberian in der @cbase@twitter.com twitter.com/chaosupdates/statu

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🥁-roll! we proudly present: Die Finalistinnen der Runde 6 „ : System erneuern". Diese 15(+1) Projekte werden ab 9/19 die Zusammenhänge von Digitalisierung&Nachhaltigkeit erforschen, on-&offline, in Umwelt&Communities. Wir starten mit ganz viel 💚.

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So this wasn't supposed to happen but after a bunch of leaks & "meet my friend who.." moments, I'm coming out as the person that's done the global infrastructure deployment (for $0) for Extinction Rebellion @transcyb_de@twitter.com, @ExtinctionR@twitter.com transcyberien.org/?germany See you there, spooks!

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We *might* be working on a surprise for you...

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I'm immensely grateful to the 408 😲 amazing people that have donated to the ExSpektrum rent recovery campaign so far 🙏💙 Your help (either by donating or sharing the campaign) is still very welcome, also cause additional smaller debts came up recently 😟 gofundme.com/spektrum-exspektr twitter.com/liekeploeger/statu

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...speaking about expanding networks: am Mittwoch 10.07. um 19:00 Uhr trifft sich @SEND_ev@twitter.com & @prototypefund@twitter.com im @ImpactHubBLN@twitter.com - wie können & gemeinsame Ziele verfolgen und mehr Impact erreichen? Kommt rum! RSVP events@prototypefund.de

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Schon mal als Vorwarnung:
@yetzt@twitter.com und ich dürfen zukünftig unsere Kompetenzen einem anderen Arbeitgeber zur Verfügung stellen. 🙄

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Interested in @ExtinctionR@twitter.com and community-owned free and open source infrastructure?

Join us at Berlin on July 13th and listen to @julian0liver@twitter.com talking about Server Infrastructure for Global Rebellion!

5pm (talks at 8.30pm) @cbase@twitter.com.


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Pssst:Der neue PTF-Infoletter (No22!) macht sich Ende der Woche auf den Weg! Schnell noch anmelden prototypefund.us5.list-manage. um mit uns PUSH / PULL; ONE / MANY; NOW / NEVER; START / QUIT durchzudeklinieren (Projektnews, HeldInnen des Ökosystems, Jobtipps und Veranstaltungshinweise)

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Meetup! 🚀 Two great networks to support great people and projects with great software for more impact and sustainability 🙌 💯 twitter.com/prototypefund/stat

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