What locations would you recommend in Berlin for a 2-day conference with talks + an area for info booths/hanging out? Need a ~250 people capacity.

Woops. I estimated I had 700 stickers for the @stickerarchive . Turns out I made an estimation mistake. Sounds like it's rather going to be in the 1300-1500 range. *scanningisgonnabefun* 😱

After talking to @shiro from the @thestickerarchive I decided to file our event related stickers into a folder.

For now they are kept in chronological order with a separate page before the start of each year.

I didn't expect @stickerarchive to be so popular so quickly.

And I expected even less that it would bring me to have conversations about how to put sticker collections in the right order, including "categories that makes most sense" and "best way to display the archive".

So, there's a Mastodon feed for the Sticker Archive! You can follow @thestickerarchive on chaos.social and we'll see how well moa.party works with the next postings tomorrow 😊

Over the last years I've been collecting tons of nerd/activism stickers and recently (mostly at ) people asked if I could somehow share/digitalize my archive.

So, here it is: thestickerarchive.tumblr.com/

I also have a twitter account (@stickerarchive) and if someone knows how to easily do automated posting to Mastodon (if that's ok), I'd be happy to set that up!

Who can tell me where to find those silver NSA monitored device stickers?

We used to have a lot of independent, small sticker boxes at congress. It worked great. Now we have one big sticker box, with a 30 min queue. Decentralization works.

Where are the large, cool sticker boxes I need to fill?

I'll arrive at during Day 0!

To get in touch with me:

- DECT 2476 (will tweet/toot when activated)
- twitter public messages (mobile client doesn't do DM - I'm @shiromarieke there)
- mastodon (public & private works)
- if you have my number, Signal.

I won't check other channels!

So, who wants to meet up/have a drink/exchange stickers?

Saying that things are not binary and quoting Wau Holland is the nerd equivalent of saying that things are not black and white and quoting Martin Luther King/Gandhi when you don't know anymore how to get yourself out of an argument.

Yay! I put the full Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace on a sticker, and it looks great! Will distribute those at

This year for the first time we'll have an assembly at #35c3! You'll find us in the awesome Open Infrastructure Orbit, with @freifunk@twitter.com and many other cool projects.

The OIO is organized by volunteers, and they are raising funds for their costs :

Liebe Förder*innen, unterstützt den "Open Infrastructure Orbit" auf dem #35c3! Wir planen Projektinseln, Vortragsarena, Lötarea und einiges mehr. Eure Spe…

I am looking for good/interesting resources, books, etc., on how to deal with harassment in communities.

No CoC stuff, I am particularly interested structures & procedures that can be put in place. More precisely stuff on how to build structures that take care of harassment cases (or worse) once it has already happened (whether a CoC is in place or not). How to be ready to handle things in an efficient manner? What to prepare for? etc.

Preferably in an EU or at least non-US context.


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