My email provider has been down for the last hours. If you're tying to get in touch, please be patient.

More than 130 businesses signed our public letter urging MEPs to vote against #article13 #uploadfilter and #article11 #linktax as these are very bad for EU business. Your company can sign, too!

We at #Nextcloud believe that #Article11 & #Article13 of the EU copyright directive are very bad for European businesses.

Over 130 other #EU companies joined us and signed our open letter urging MEPs to vote against #uploadfilter and #linktax.


Berlin! Who wants to join us to call our EU representatives and tell them why they shouldn't vote for ?

Let's support the campaign together!

Thursday, 21.03, 11-18, at

On en est à 106 dans toute l'Europe, dont - toujours et encore - seulement UNE en France. Ca devient vraiment pitoyable.

Needed : A TV-B-Gone-like device that would to turn off the phones of assholes who yell on their phone on the train.

I'd love to know of businesses that are worried about and/or .

Want to act? Who's in? Get in touch, my DMs are open.

Please share!

Les gens qui retweetent et likent ce tweet: je compte sur vous pour appeler vos représentants sur!

Schon mehr als 1000 Leute haben über im Europaparlament angerufen und 84 Abgeordnete überzeugt gegen #Artikel13 zu stimmen. Mit deiner Spende hilfst du uns diese Kosten zu decken und noch mehr Druck aufzubauen:
➡️ #SaveYourInternet

Unlock my new account, You don't want me to get angry at you again.

Wenn Ihnen der Arsch dermaßen auf Grundeis geht, sollten sie eventuell mal ihre Positionen überdenken, statt zu versuchen, den Protest auszutricksen, @ManfredWeber!

🌅 Good morning!

☹️ Not happy about ?

⏲️ Time to act!

☎️ Call your representatives:

📨 Send them a letter: (German)

🖊️ Sign the petition:

🐦 Tweet!

💪 Nobody is powerless!

Hé mes followers francais! Seule une députée francaise a signé - en Allemagne on a déjà 33 députés du parlement européen sur la liste.

On peut faire mieux, non? concerne tout le monde.

Alors appelez vos représentants:

Während und nach habe ich zu viele abwertende kommentare über die viele Youtuber(-fans), die dort anwesend waren gehört/gelesen.

Wollen wir, dass alle sich gegen mobilisieren oder nicht?

Stay united (and treat others respectfully).

I'll get back to scanning and uploading to automatize @thestickerarchive next month. Have a lot of work these days + several projects + stuff going on in the next weeks and unfortunately won't be able to spare time for stickers until april.

Yes, @thestickerarchive is not doing anything right now - I need to finish scanning and uploading so it runs automatically.

But first we need to . Many of those stickers could not even be posted with . So, call your representatives!

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