Prototype Fund x @Nextclouders 💙
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Das Team von Collectives aus unserer aktuellen Förderrunde ermöglicht es Gruppen, ihr Wissen kollaborativ auf Nextcloud zu strukturieren und zu teilen - die App ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zum neuesten @Nextclouders-Release 🎉⬇️

I just said “fucking brexit” in a rant and some British person thought the issue was the swearing, and not brexit itself 😑

experts, is a newsletter service allowed to force you to make an account to unsubscribe the newsletter? (No account needed to subscribe.)

Asking for people who run newsletters on... 🤦‍♀️

Oh wow während der Staat während Corona Lufthansa & co unterstützt hat dürfen wir die Kultur mit teuren BVG-Tickets retten wie cool \o/

The good thing about losing a lot of weight is that I feel healthy again. The bad thing about it is guys on trains or streets in the night. Ugh, really didn’t miss those dirty looks 😔

Today an @o2de tech support person told me they can remotely find out the brand of the cable that was plugged in my telephone socket two days ago before I removed it. I’m so confused 🤔

I followed @michaelkreil’s example and “deleted” the account I made out of curiosity. Bye @joinClubhouse, see you never 👋

So 2021 is the year where people (finally) leave because they don’t want to share their data with Facebook anymore, and then rush to give their contact books and other data to another US-proprietary-tech-company/centralized-social-media-platform on ? 🤔

And a question for trainers: What would you recommend to beginners that need to encrypt emails? I feel like I can’t give them a tool that will constantly put obscure error notices in their way.

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I'm curious to know how people feel about the new Thunderbird/GPG

Asking because after having trained hundreds of people to use email encryption, the constant need to fix settings and deal with error notices makes me want to crawl under a blanket and give up on encrypting emails

Unsere hauseigene Crypto-Expertin @shiromarieke erklärt euch bei @ARTEde, was das #Darknet ist, wie es aufgebaut ist - und wie ihr es nutzen könnt:

I had a lot of fun showing @SupaDot and @artepierre how @torproject works 😃
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Eine sehr gute Einführung in das Thema Darknet mit @shiromarieke
OnionShare kannte ich noch nicht…

Huh, tokens for are not valid anymore? Wanted to join for the last evening, have a ticket, but when I try to click on the activation link it says "The Conference is over!" - thought it was still going on tonight? Meh :/

C'est bien beau de créer une plateforme pour concurrencer Netflix&co, @Salto_fr, mais comme d'habitude on oublie les Francais de l'étranger. On fait quoi pour y avoir accès, nous?

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We have some very sad news to share. As of January 1st 2021, The Correspondent will discontinue publishing its journalism. We want to thank all our members for their support.

Oh no. @DeepLcom translates “ccc congress” with “KKK-Kongress”. 🤦🏻‍♀️

523 envelopes! Wow, that's to much more enthusiasm for our little project than we expected 🥰

We can handle more, so don't forget to send us your envelope (and stickers!!!) 😃 And if you want to participate too, read instructions here and make sure your mail arrives in our postbox on December 12th, latest!

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