“Our prices are low so we’ll treat all our potential customers like they’re maybe bad people” is weird marketing 🧐
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@shiromarieke Our low prices attract a lot of suspicious customers. And we have a responsibility to prevent abuse however we can. Our experience shows that being overly careful and having some false positives during the account verification process is very effective. 3/3 --Helena, Marketing

@shiro My account validation was denied by Hetzner multiple times despite providing a valid passport and all the documents required. When contacted they refused to tell me why they wouldn't take me as a customer...

I never understood why and ended up getting an OVH machine

Weird things:
- After the check they turned me down without even saying how to fix the issue
- They can't tell me why the check failed because they don't want their security processes to be understood by other companies
- A selfie with my ID will fix whatever issue there is O_o

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I just wanted an account at @Hetzner_Online but they don't accept my French ID as proof of identification and refused me as a customer. Ranted on the phone: turns out they can't tell me why, but I can send them a selfie.

Did anyone have a similarly shit experience with them?

Btw: Follow @auerfeld for bullshit-free updates.

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No matter how unbearable has been in the last years, no matter how bad the “let daddy go back to his kids” support campaign is: Press freedom is under attack and we can’t watch away while some UK court is allowed to set a bad precedent because we just stopped caring.

Hey @BVG_Kampagne - seit wann kontrolliert ihr denn Fahrscheine von Menschen, die gerade auf dem Bahnsteig laufen?! Bahn verpasst, thanks for nothing.

The way @RocketChat currently handles threading is an absolute nightmare.

“Do you need that fancy feature?”
After more than a year at @prototypefund I've finally managed to find some time to contribute to our blog - so here are some learnings and tips for your project!


Corona is like that creepy dude who doesn’t understand the word “no”.
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Es ist egal, dass Du keine Lust mehr auf Corona hast. Corona hat noch Lust auf Dich.

I have been a fairly outspoken critic of the dependence of our communities on OTF funding.

Yet we are not in a situation where we can afford the luxury of losing one of the most effective funding programs of the post-Snowden years.

& sign here: saveinternetfreedom.tech/

What I hate most about working remotely is how teams are gradually dehumanized, until your colleagues are just avatars you exchange tasks and work results with, because small talk, and body language are out of the picture.

Have you asked a colleague how they're doing today?

I’ve been having so much fun learning how to use a sewing machine and making masks for friends 🙃

The best birthday wishes are the weirdest: “Happy birthday, btw today it’s also been 10 years we had a war against a pigeon.” 🤷🏻‍♀️😍

Dudes trying to make other people's research about themselves really make me want to go in full troll mode 🤦🏻‍♀️

Why do adult men in parks need to practice their loud hobby like they’re alone?

Dude I’m here because it is the only place where I can get fresh air and quiet during the pandemic, not because I want to enjoy your sexual boxing noises or your pathetic attempts at throat singing.

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