Raise your hand if this picture represents as you experienced it!

(This is how @lemondefr@twitter.com @LaMatinale_M@twitter.com seriously illustrated their article about “Chaos Communication Camp” in December in Leipzig. People dressed in white, walking outdoors. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

But you can't start a discussion like this if you don't even show some willingness to understand what the culture at Congress is about.

Saying this as someone who worked in journalism, with journalists and trained journalists: Respect the communities you report on.

If some angels are maybe a little bit too enthusiastic about their work and go too far, or if the rules really don't allow to do your work at all, then we should have a discussion on what allows the journalists to do their work while respecting the community's need for privacy.

(...) understand our need for a Congress where we can feel as safe as possible. Their work as an angel at CCC allows journalists to do their (necessary) work while we don't have to worry about some of them not respecting our privacy. Their work is essential for Congress.

Let me tell you about my friend who works in the "Journalismuspolizei". They are someone who stands strongly for press freedom. We became friends while training journalists for free, helping them acquire infosec skills. They also care about privacy, and unlike you, (...)

You are talking about volunteers who are donating their time to allow those who attend Congress to feel safe at the event. Like the other angels who put much time and energy helping everyone have a great Congress, they deserve respect. Simply calling them "police" is insulting.

: A depreciatively ironical buzzfeed-style list that pretends to be journalism: taz.de/Zwischenstand-beim-34C3

: A rant about volunteers who try to grant people's privacy at the event.

Guess someone really want to prove they don't understand Congress 🤦‍♀️
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Fast so schlimm wie die Fifa: Die Journalismuspolizei auf dem , die kontrolliert, welche Bewegtbilder J…

I’ve been asked many times if I take donations for the tons of stickers I print and I am thankful for the offer. Instead of giving me the money, please consider donating it to an essential organization for digital rights: @epicenter_works. That’s much more useful 💜

Social media is that place where you share a project you've been working on and then some dude and/or boomer comes to tell you that it's not enough or that you should have done it differently 🤷‍♀️

Is someone bringing a textile press to and would be willing to let me use it for a few minutes?

Bekommt man hier auch noch eine richtige Antwort @DHLPaket, oder nur copy-paste-bullshit?

Sowas wie "wir schauen uns an, was mit dein Paket los ist" oder nah?
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@shiromarieke Derzeit können durch die kommenden @DHLPaket und das dadurch erhöhte Sendungsaufkommen vereinzelt Verzögerungen entstehen. Wir entschuldigen uns und bitten um Nachsicht. Vie…

Na, liefert ihr noch vor wie angekündigt vor Weihnachten, @DHLPaket?

Oder tut ihr lieber so, als hättet ihr die hohen Mengen an Vorweihnachtslieferungen nicht erwartet und euch nicht vorbereiten können?

No, I'm not patient. You're late. Do your job.

Hey @FLYERALARM ich habe euch empfohlen und jetzt passiert das. Das ist überhaupt nicht in Ordnung! Was ist mit euch los? Kann man euch noch empfehlen oder ist es euch einfach egal, dass Lieferungen so krass verspätet sind?

You have one job. Fix it.
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@c3s@FLYERALARM@twitter.activitypub.actore now 10 days late in delivering my stickers, I don't know if I'll get them on-time.…

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