Wer will mit uns im Team @prototypefund arbeiten?

Wenn du gern schreibst und dein 💗💙 für Kommunikation schlägt, wenn du mit uns großartige -Projekte unterstützen möchtest, freuen wir uns auf deine Bewerbung ✨⬇️
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In unserem tollen Team ist eine spannende Stelle für Menschen zu vergeben, deren Herz für Kommunikation schlägt (32 h/Woche, ab 1.10., Bezahlung nach TV-L E12/S1). Bewerbungsfrist ist der 18.8.:

Hey - as always I have stickers (from @prototypefund + my last series) in my backpack!

Want one? My DMs are open ✨

Wondering if we could fund your project? Curious to meet the people working behind the scenes to fund software?

Come and meet us at the @prototypefund meetup today 6pm at “meetup blue”
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Unser PTF-Meetup findet heute um 18 Uhr statt:

Does the Deutsche Bahn ever arrive on time? 🤔

Wer ist ab morgen alles bei der Gulaschprogrammiernacht? Wir freuen uns, euch bei unserem Meetup (Freitag, 17 Uhr) zu treffen!


Can’t wait 🥳
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Our bag for the is packed \o/

As promised we are bringing lots of leftover stickers from our last mail sticker exchange 😃 ✨

We loved mailing stickers but we have to admit we can’t wait to finally see a sticker box IRL again 🎉

Hey ! Whether you were/are funded by @prototypefund, would like to get funding for your project or just want to chat about funding and FOSS software, come hang out! ✨

📆 Prototype Fund Meetup, May 20th, 16.45 in Karlsruhe
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Wir sind dieses Jahr endlich mal wieder bei der @entropiagpn! 🥳
Am 20. gibt es um 16.45 ein Prototype Fund & Friends Meetup, zu dem wir euch herzlich einladen.
Wenn ihr uns bei der GPN t…

I’m at @Fossbckstg today and I have a backpack full of (@prototypefund and other) stickers ✨

Who wants some of those? ⬇️

Who needs money? Cash für FOSS! 💰

Ich erzähle euch gleich, wie ihr euch für eine @prototypefund-Förderung bewerben könnt \o/

Wo: chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/2022/
Wann: heute um 11.30

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Nach einem guten Start in unsere zweiten virtuellen Linux-Tage, könnt ihr euch jetzt ganz den Vorträgen und all unseren tollen Ausstellungsständen widmen. Ein umfangreiches Programm erwartet euch!

(Edit: I’ve been told you can now use your phone number for several Twitter accounts, which I guess is one step in the right direction. Although I’d prefer them not pressuring people to give phone numbers at all 🙃)

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And if you get a new sim card, google your number before using it 🙃

It could be the Whatsapp ID of a sex worker, a restaurant, a doctor, or anyone who needs to share their number online.

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In the meantime, if you create an app, a platform, or whatever piece of tech that requires user IDs, please don't use phone numbers.

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So we'll keep playing phone-number-roulette because like this nobody will need to change.

Until most phone numbers are tied to accounts and the issue grows so much that states or other legislators will finally (hopefully) be pushed to create and enforce laws to solve the issue

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And tech companies? They act like the world should adapt to them and their need to track people.

Like there are no other solutions.

They believe in it: If they keep pushing for their approach to user IDs the world will shape itself around them - as it always seems to do.

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The (state) institutions in charge don't show any interest in solving the issue either. The system has always worked as it was, and they're in the cosy position where they don't have to deal with angry customers.

So, why change?

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Phone carriers don't care about the issue. Specific (state) institutions are responsible for releasing the numbers so they can be given to customers. A number that is officially released is good for use, and the rest it not their problem to solve.

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But people change numbers. Because they move, because their needs evolve, because people die and others reach the age where you get a phone.

More and more of the new phone numbers people get will already be linked to several accounts. And it's always a hassle for the user.

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From a tech company perspective, phone numbers are precious data, percieved as unique identifiers that allow to track people accross services and allow to make sure there's probably a real person behind the account.

They'll do anything to get your phone number.

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