Meanwhile in Poland, 52 year old Ela Podleśna was just arrested for making this image.

Let's spread it.

@niebus You should ask Eva, unfortunately it looks like she's not on Mastodon. Lemme check with her.

@shiro She was arrested not for the act of making it, but sticking it to porta-potties around the city. The claims and arrests are still ridiculous, but let's stick to the facts here :)

@tadzik @shiro without the rainbows, I doubt she would have been under arrest.

@tadzik If she had been sticking papers with "Poland is great" or "I love eating fries" or whatever other random thing on them, would she have been arrested too? If not, it is about the contents of the artwork. That's how those things happen, use a silly reason to not deal with the actual reason you're arresting the person. @DarckCrystale

@shiro Elżbieta (Ela) Podleśna is a well-respected activist in Poland. Ela's brief CV from this article by her :"feminist and equal-rights activist, opposing everything oppressive and non-democratic, psychologist" at (en: That particular article criticises fat-shaming "health-promoting" posters displayed at places like bus stops around Poland.

@shiro @sebsauvage Poles are not frightened: the image was plastered on Monday night/Tuesday morning in Warsaw at the Prosecutor's office, the Archbishop's Palace, and the government party PiS's main Warsaw office and is now selling on T-shirts and mugs: The worldwide problem: .


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