The Scottish Consulate want stickers.

@midder I’ll walk around and distribute early evening.

@shiro ah yes, pro-resistance stickers coming from "hackers" complaining about their sign and national flag being "defaced" but the circled A

The irony!


@Antanicus I have absolutely nothing to do with that flag thing, nor do I identify myself as a hacker. No clue what you are talking about, go hate somewhere else, bye.

@shiro there's no hate to be found on my end, just amusement.

As a side note, if you're attending the camp, you might want to know it's infiltrated (or maybe even run) by people who consider the Circled A offensive but are perfectly OK with displaying the flag of a state that provided financial aid to the nazis and is, as of today, a major tax haven serving the needs of the capitalist elite.


I'm not at cccamp, can I send you some money to get one shipped to the US?

@rdh Sorry, too many people ask me to do that so I had to stop shipping stickers :/

@shiro I'm not at the camp but if by any chance you can give one to somebody @LaQuadrature I'll by happy to get one ;-) Have a nice camp

@Syst @LaQuadrature I’ll drop some at the tent, make sure they take some!

@Syst @LaQuadrature @mmu_man Dropped some on an empty tea tent table one minute ago!


Just saw them, I'll leave some on the tables and keep some more, thanks!

@Syst @LaQuadrature

@shiro Do the stickers have a homebase at camp, where one could come pick them up?

@hko I have put some in different sticker boxes. Not sure if they’re all gone yet. In any case I can bring some to the place of your choice.

@shiro oh i misunderstood, have a good time there :0

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