Oh, and the Facebook/Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Apple? Nein danke stickers are here too :)

@shiro Cool! How can I get some of these stickers if I will not attend #36c3 (in "real" life)?

@hollma They will be easy to find at , I'd say get friends who attend to bring you some? I'll also bring some to other events I attend in the future, but I'm not sure what those will be yet ;) And of course, I'll leave some at c-base in Berlin.

@shiro "Get friends"? 😂 Seriously, I am not aware of anybody in my social circle attending the conference in Berlin.

Do you think a small-world experiment ( could work? Let somebody ride their #bicycle to meet somebody who lives closer to me and does the same action ... until finally the stickers arrive at my place and I keep going and deliver the remaining stickers to the next person. And so on and on and on ...

@hollma The conference is in Leipzig. The place in Berlin is a hackerspace where it could be picked up any time by anyone. I have no time/energy for that experiment, but if you get someone to pick stickers up at cbase and coordinate it, I’m happy to hand over an envelope at cbase.

@shiro Don't you think that massively spreading logos of those shitty companies is in fact reinforcing them ? And with your money. 🤔

People not already aware of the message you whish to express may remember the logo presented in their visual surrounding, consciously or not.

A brain may prefer to retain an already know information « oh! look ! a logo I know ! » rather then taking time to read the « Nein danke ».

@tierce No, I don’t think this is the case. I think that the nein danke design is well known and that putting those logos in such a context puts them in a negative light.

@shiro Please let us know the numbers every day. It would be interesting to see which #GAFAM player is interesting to the congress audience 😉

@pavi I really don’t know the numbers as I don’t monitor the amounts left in boxes.

@shiro Atleast approximate amounts, or take a picture people can guess. :awesome:

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