@shiro I already want one of each! :D is it okay to call dibs?

@manu You can call dibs if you want but it’s still up to you to pick them up at the @c3stoc boxes ;)

@shiro I really love the "resistance is not futile" ones. :anarchoheart2:

Small questions: where can I find the design files and what printing service do you use? Asking for a friend :)

@carl On maryshi.ro - the Nein Danke ones will be there soon, the rest is already published :)

@shiro @c3stoc Any chance to pick up some of those "Resistance is not futile" stickers? Haven't seen them during the past two days. :(

@CryptGoat @c3stoc I put some in the boxes through Chaos Post, I still have some more...

Would be super glad if you drop some at Digitalcourage assembly or tell me where to pick some up on the way to CCL. I'm pretty much stuck here right now.

@CryptGoat @c3stoc I wasn’t there yet, just arrived, sitting at cbase, feel free to come over.

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