@Eric_S I have had so many “add XXX nein danke” and most are legit ideas. But there’s a limited amount of stickers I can afford to print, so I decided to do the GAFAM. The SVG files are online, feel free to make your own.

@shiro Nice. I particularly like the Microsoft one with the old school Windows Logo.

@vimja I have to admit that that detail was not my idea. I was sitting at cbase with some nerds, the new logo didn’t look great and they started saying it would be fun to put the old one - really like it too!

@vimja I’ll send some your way through the usual person in the next months, ok? I have some Bulgarian Linux distro stickers for you too :)

@shiro @vimja how on earth do you even get those?! I bow before the sticker queen 👸

@mgr @vimja The bulgarian ones? I went to Openfest conference in Bulgaria, which is one of my favorites. Want some?

@shiro Thanks for the highres + SVG ❤️ images. How come you missed all in one Nein Danke #GAFAM sticker like the french #framasoft #degooglisons sticker where it says "we <3 your data" 😁

@shiro I guess you already know, but for reference here is the #GAFAM sticker set in multiple languages including #deutsch gafam.info/

@pavi I didn’t want to make one of those. This is just your expectation.

Yeay! I've got at least one of every type 😃

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