What I hate most about working remotely is how teams are gradually dehumanized, until your colleagues are just avatars you exchange tasks and work results with, because small talk, and body language are out of the picture.

Have you asked a colleague how they're doing today?

@shiro I agree. It's not a long-term solution. We need offices and human contact. Perhaps we don't need to be in the office 0900-1700 every day but we do need to have a space that's "home" and a space that's "work" and some contact with the people we work with that's not a compressed out-of-sync video and a tinny cheap mic.

Bosses love the idea of remote work forever because they get to push costs - rent, electric, internet - onto staff and save money.

@ak I’ve had a job before where the boss always considered getting an office the least important thing. Before I got hired, I had to commit I’d regularly go to the office they’d have “in the next months”. I spent more than a year working from my 1 room flat, on my dinner table next to my bed, because they also didn’t pay me enough to be able to afford a decent coworking space membership. Never again.

@shiro I'm a student and our university has gone remote. Some people take to it like a duck to water because they have quiet space to work undisturbed. Others live in tiny houses, or have young kids, or crap housemates and can't work effectively.

It's taking the leveller of the university environment - which is the same for everyone - and making your academic performance dependent on your financial and social status. It's also often very gendered - women get more work interruptions than men.

@shiro we have a coffee meeting without agenda and twice a week, it's not the same but it works ok. The upside is that the 3 remote-workers are now less included. But it's a bigger meeting that typical coffee breaks with 2-3 ppl, what also makes smalltalk harder.

@shiro also I've obviously forgotten how to words. Might be the headache.

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