I just wanted an account at @Hetzner_Online but they don't accept my French ID as proof of identification and refused me as a customer. Ranted on the phone: turns out they can't tell me why, but I can send them a selfie.

Did anyone have a similarly shit experience with them?

Weird things:
- After the check they turned me down without even saying how to fix the issue
- They can't tell me why the check failed because they don't want their security processes to be understood by other companies
- A selfie with my ID will fix whatever issue there is O_o

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@shiro you're a foreigner, so you can obviously be trusted less and are more likely an imposter or fraudster. however, if you can proof you are actually the person on that ID, they may believe you. </snark>

@xpac The picture on the ID is very old, I'm curious to see if they will believe I'm not an imposter after that T_T

@shiro my experience with such processes is: it doesn't really matter. they just wanna check that box on their compliance form. I recently used the German PostIdent to validate my identity, and besides telling them I don't live at the address on the ID anymore, they insisted to use the old one, not the one I had a confirmation letter of residence for.
However, after that I sent I could just change my address in a web interface 🤷‍♂️

@xpac It's not about a generic compliance form, it's about their super-secret security-by-obscurity processes that nobody is allowed to know about -_-

@juh Normally I wouldn't use Hetzner, I'm a fan of Greenhost (company, but a cool one) - but here I'm looking for a dirt cheap, pre-installed, low barrier Nextcloud and I haven't found a better offer :/

@utzer Yeah but they don't want to give it to me :(

@shiro well yes I got that. They still don't with the Selfie?
@shiro anyway strange behaviour, I wonder why they have to check the identity at all, I mean if you give some form of payment, they just have to require prepaid. And not accepting a EU passport seems kind of against some law, at least I hope there is something that prevents such things.
However the selfie still seems reasonable to me, kind of annoying with the problems you explained, but generally for identification ok.

Lately a friend opened a bank account, which was only possible with a video chat were she had to hold here ID into the webcam and then tell them the information at the same time, so they could see she knows that information off-heart.

No Postident at least as @xpac had to do.

@utzer @xpac @shiro I would think it is Marketing. Maybe they just can't deliver.

@shiro My account validation was denied by Hetzner multiple times despite providing a valid passport and all the documents required. When contacted they refused to tell me why they wouldn't take me as a customer...

I never understood why and ended up getting an OVH machine

@shiro Exact same scenario as you btw, just wanted something dirt cheap to host a nextcloud

@bendineliot Sigh. I'm seeing how far I can come with the selfie thing.

@shiro I am an American and did not have a problem setting up a hosting plan. However, I will say that Hetzner is run like a disorganized small business. They owed me a refund and it took several follow-ups for me to secure the money. It did not seem like they were trying to avoid paying me, it just seemed like they legitimately forgot.

I'm curious why they need your ID at all. They are not responsible for the data you upload, so the only thing relevant should whether you are paining.

@utzer @kirschwipfel Same. The only info I have is that they say they “have a responsibility to protect other people on the Internet”, whatever that means 🤷🏻‍♀️

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