Is Not An Acceptable Choice For Free Software Projects

"Use of Discord by a group discriminates almost totally against those who prefer or, due to circumstance, require privacy for their own personal information, such as IP or related geolocation. You cannot sign up for Discord anonymously." "This excludes many people from your group by discriminating against those who insist on their human right to privacy."


@Soft_Missy Your requirements may differ from mine of course. For me, @matrix is a natural fit. It allows to run your own instance if needed. It has E2EE built-in. There are multiple implementations for both server and client. Some people favor Signal, but that's a no-go for me due to centralization and only their blessed client being allowed to connect to this central service. For some communities, or are options. Don't know any other alternatives that would fit for me.

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@silwol @Soft_Missy @matrix

+1 for Matrix. It feels like a natural evolution of the IRC-like era for (F)OSS projects.

Encryption is nice for more or less stable teams, but is a PITA for large groups with a lot of people joining/leaving the rooms.

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