I just deleted the remaining bits of C code in the project, it's fully functional in now. Still some things left to do, but you can expect a release within the next few weeks.

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@silwol Nice. But your README looks like a infinite loop. 🙂

@kuleszdl That's one of the things I have to fix before the release. The whole project needs to be updated in terms of documentation, now that C is fully gone.

@silwol There's a cyclical reference bug in README line 3.

@chrysn I know, the general state of the project is far from how I want it to be. I just was really happy about finishing the removal of C. :-)

@silwol But what is it? Cargo dependencies indicate it may be a game, or a game engine...

@chrysn It's basically a clone of the old Duke Nukem 1 EGA game capable of using the original data files. See (from where I need to migrate the informaton to the new location).

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