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@silwol 😅
am nächsten Morgen: "...ah, wie hieß nochmal der Buchstabe, der ein bisschen so aussieht wie ein Summenzeichen."

Kind will mir eine Zahl nennen, der Name fällt ihm jedoch nicht ein. "Du weißt schon, die Zahl die so aussieht wie ein aufgestelltes Unendlich-Zeichen".

Sometimes when I'm bored, I visit and click through the docs of the latest released crates. Discovered some interesting and useful things in the past, and learning from other people's code almost always teaches you something new.

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I have mixed feelings about #Rust in the :linux: kernel.

On the one hand, it's super great to see Rust succeed where other contenders, notably C++, have failed before. I love Rust, and I love drivers that don't crash on me even more.

And yet, if you know one thing about me, it's that I always like the most 'native' ways of doing things, not some third party, poorly integrated solutions. And kernel API bindings, while safe and harder to misuse, are not 'native' the way the original C APIs are.

We'll see?

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Mit "Rust for Linux" soll es möglich werden, Kernelcode und Kernelmodule in Rust zu schreiben. Linus Torvalds gefällt die Idee, aber er hat noch Einwände. Startschuss für Rust-Entwicklung im Linux-Kernel
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My recent adventures with #Rust have really leveled up my general software development skills. Tasks that might have gone nowhere in a full day in other languages are now taking me but a few minutes, and work the first time. That leaves more time for the management side of my job...

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Someone once told me: you're always testing, always. Writing automate tests it's just a way to not having to (manually) test everything over and over again.

@Johann150 Kind of ;-) - happy about the final round being these languages, sad about Rust being second, but still happy it got that many votes considering its age.

@solarkraft Will nicht groß Werbung machen, es ist eines der bekannten Preisvergleichsportale für Computerhardware.

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@silwol aber natürlich ohne Zweifel eine sehr positive Entwicklung!

Während in Deutschland überlegt wird, welche Maßnahmen zu treffen wären weil die 7-Tage-Inzidenz über 100 gestiegen ist, hat Österreich am 7.2. *bei* einer Inzidenz von knapp über 100 Öffnungsschritte vorgenommen. Österreich steht jetzt bei knapp über 230, Tendenz steigend. Quellen:

Bin gerade richtig positiv überrascht. Habe eine Webseite erstmalig besucht, der Banner besagt sinngemäß: "Do not track Einstellung erkannt, setze nur technisch notwendige Cookies". Ich hoffe das macht Schule.

@minoru @abrain It's ok and good they logged out users due to the incident. The url was inside an additional tab that used to be there, and I can't imagine it did cause much harm there. I don't see any reason why I should have to be logged in to the web on the very same computer all the time when working with git repos.

@abrain Yes but it's a really bad combination with their auto-logout, especially if you're used to always clone via SSH.

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I'm wondering why the VP6 hardware encoder designs are not FOSS/OSHW, if the goal of webm/VP9 is to be as widely used as possible, and the software implementations are FOSS. Why do you have to be a silicon vendor to get access to the HDL/RTL? Any ideas?

@daniel_bohrer Oh, ich hoffe die Werte steigen nicht exponentiell…

Oh, so GitHub logged me out of the website, and therefore I'm no longer allowed to view any SSH clone URLs? I wonder what the reasoning is behind that decision.

R.i.P. Dad. Thanks for being a good & loving father all these years! 🧡

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