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If you got a follow request and are confused, I moved from to and that's why.

Strongbox, Touch ID 

What I mean is, usually, with consumer grade software you don't get any information about what gets stored where, or whether it's a good idea to use a feature or not.

It's refreshing to see software actually inform the user.

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Strongbox, Touch ID 

I like this honest message:

"NB: Strongbox uses the Secure Enclave (if available) and Keychain on your device to securely store your Master Password to provide this functionality. You may or may not be comfortable with this depending on your threat model. Please consider all of these factors when making your decisions. If you are facing a state level adversary, this probably isn't an ideal security/convenience trade-off for you."

Don't worry I won't enable it, it just asked.

is it just me or someone else also experiences a nearly constant background guilt (shame?) for stuff I wanted to do (maybe haven't even promised to anyone, just decided and told it to myself) and haven't had the time or energy to actually do it

The lack of PGP support in things is amazing. Even more so if it's about proper implementations.

Easy to spot a red car when you're always thinking of a red car.
Easy to spot opportunity when you're always thinking of opportunity.
Easy to spot reasons to be mad when you're always thinking of being mad.
Easy to spot my ass when you're always thinking of my ass.

Apple's default icon for a Windows server has the BSOD on a CRT.

Cat in bed 

"I have to move slightly, but I don't want my cat to think I'm getting up..."

*turns slightly*

*cat instantly gets up*

"Ok. Ok. Don't move... don't move..."

*cat sits for a bit and lies back down*


my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

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