The Tor FUD cycle:

1. People see headline about bad Tor relays
2. People don't read article, just boost
3. People stop using Tor
4. Random people start posting "Isn't Tor compromised??"
5. Even though original article mentions that the bad relays were removed at the bottom, less people use Tor because of the FUD headline and traffic correlation attacks on the Tor network become easier for the original threat actor running bad relays their next attempt. Creeping closer and closer to actually being effective.

Don't let the network fall to this! :tor: forever!!

Anyways if you have a machine with good internet you don't use too much, run a Tor relay! Doesn't have to be an exit relay to make a difference, either (so no potential legal issues from your ISP)! You can get free swag from the tor project :)

Or you can donate to help run relays too!


@thufie Could I get a link to the original article mentioned here? DM is fine if preferred (to avoid propagating FUD).

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