i cycled 85 km to my home town today and my pale ass white boy skin got burned 💀

i think bladee should have competed for sweden in the eurovision song contest

i gained some respect for british cuisine after actually trying beans on toast but after finding out about the toast sandwich i lost said respect again

i have yet to meet a dragon furry who isn't a massive cat person

google photos showing me pics of my last trip but it's all just unflattering pictures of my parents cat

i spend more time thinking about playing video games than I do actually playing them

finally took some time to sort out my steam wish list, threw out some meme games and added some that should've been there long ago
let's see what I'll actually play lol

at some point i really wanna commission an artist on masto, i think that'd be cool

alex☁ :blobpats: :blobpats: boosted

Start calling random things web4 to make the cryptocurrency people think they missed out on something


i just played through turnip boy commits tax evasion
good game

i read about musk offering to buy twitter and a lot of new people trying out mastodon on the same day but it took me about an hour to put two and two together

shoutout to all the sysadmin furs who work with ADs before and after dark

i don't usually feel nostalgic to much
but the one thing that really hits that nerve are anime openings from stuff i watched as a kid, mainly ygo 5ds and digimon tamers
and honestly, they still slap today

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