sometimes im impressed by how well the spotify algorithm understands my music taste and then it recommends modus mio to me and i lose all respect i had for it

my weekend project was to build a stackable pi case from thingiverse which i tweaked to house an ssd on the bottom and the switch on top
only thing missing is the power supply housing on the back, but that 3d print still takes another 8 hours

bought sunscreen to counter the type advantage the sun has against IT workers

since minecraft 1.19 just came out i once again set up a vanilla minecraft server, if you'd like to join, hop on my discord server!

someone called uninstall wizard added me on steam and this is probably the best interaction ive had on steam with someone i don't know

ever since I found out temtem kickstarter backers got pigepic plushies i was super jealous
but i found someone selling theirs on ebay and now i also have one & i couldn't be happier

i gained some respect for british cuisine after actually trying beans on toast but after finding out about the toast sandwich i lost said respect again

google photos showing me pics of my last trip but it's all just unflattering pictures of my parents cat

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