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i know germany dropped the mask mandate but i honestly expected less people to stop using masks, it was like a 50/50 split in the supermarket today
ironically, most of the people who didn't wear masks were, judging by their age, definitely in the more vulnerable group...

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pushing my private key to my public dotfiles repo so I have easy access to it from everywhere
copying it back and forth between machines has just become too much of a hassle ://

it's been a long while since i was able to just play a video game for 12 hours straight
responsibilities, needing to cook and other stuff always got in the way
but just doing nothing but play minecraft today was really nice

idk if im just stupid or my setup is just too janky but macos has got to be the most unstable and buggy desktop I've used

and I've been using linux desktops for the past 6 years

I know i could technically play it on the steam deck but honestly, playing modded mc with a controller is just clunky

also i don't like playing first person games with controllers in general

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me, 2 weeks ago: whoa wooo I'm so excited for the steam deck, can't wait to play all games on there!!

me, now, shamelessly hooked on modded minecraft again: welp, I'll use it eventually, i swear!!

a lot of people prefer non-fizzy water and i guess it's a cultural thing, i grew up drinking mostly fizzy water

to me non carbonated water just tastes stale and flat, no likey

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i accidentally bought water without fizz and it tastes like shit
why do people prefer this

also just noticed the pic came out blurry
thanks samsung x2

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had to redraft this twice because these emojis barely look different in samsungs emoji font and my screen wasn't at max brightness so there was basically no difference
very cool samsung !

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