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lying in bed, cuddling blahaj and waiting for the e to dissolve

never gonna do a i am not touching computers at all, because i am going into the wildness for a month thing, because i will just forget the dozens of pins and logins for everything

i never know when this quasi ponytail i tend to wear will hold for the day and when it will fall apart in minutes

i don't think i have ever fallen of a toilet and i am kinda suprised, it's not like there were no opportunities

finding an artist again and seeing all the nice stuff they did again, plus new stuff, is always nice

i think just i forgot that people can refer to me in the third person and only remembered when i saw there are pronouns in the bio of an account i made

when will comfy weather return from the war

getting the weather report for where your vm is, instead of your place is often not too helpful

the internet is a lot less bad if you stop following people that can't help themself talking about the minutiae of meaningless political intrigues

hiding a magnet link in a txt dns value, so you can post that domain instead of the magnet to the intel leak...

censorship circumvention on big platforms is ... interesting

no wifi in standard class on the eurostar, because of covid

always knew this radiation stuff was bad for poor people/s

trying to figure out which of the next few weeks is gonna be the worst, probably all of them

this free voip service does not work without google play services, of course it doesnt


tried to look if there was still tea in the cup and spilled some of it over myself

at least it was cold

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