game show where people have to guess the stroke order of kanji without any knowledge of japanese

apple seems to be the best game in town regarding privacy preserving health data

the other options seem to be on the same level as letting google directly vore up all information about your health

just fucking sad

if you want to do SEO for your dotfiles just put them on a random gitea instance, google loves to show me peoples dotfiles if i search anything vaguely computery

lewd adj 

telling someone there is a douhinshi of them and then not telling them where lol


HP was named after H. P. Lovecraft, trying to honour his stories by setting out to create the most cursed printer in existence

calling your app fluffy seems sus, whats gonna happen? will my phone grow fur

i should read the silmarillion to improve my ability to invent evil VC-companies


gta VI isnt real they havent ported gta V to the 3ds yet

lpt: just avoid kernel updates by not having it build anymore

humble bundle was a great source for a dozen things i never used per one i wanted

i just wouldnt upload 320gb of data to my brain if i only had 1600gb capacity

who doesnt remember the second decade of the 21st century and the conflict between loteks and yakuza

after only a few years on my key chain this 5 euro usb stick is starting to lose bits of plastic

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