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still having a responsive system at a load of 50 is nice


selling better steering, for a car you already sold, as a recurrent in app purchase is a fascinating idea

you ever put the light switch some unusual and can't find it anymore

new thinkpads have realtek ethernet and wifi WTF

just gonna get a desktop it's not like there are any valid reasons any more to leave the house except for football cup

in theory I should probably wear a bra or tanktop under this shirt, but if i'm not alone in my room I'm wearing a sweater so it doesn't matter anyway

sometimes you feel paranoid for turning your phone off after a call and then you read bug reports that say "ended signal call, but the other side could still hear me"

at some point I will have to stop pretending I have short hair


the recurrent need to acquire sustenance is rather tiresome

vaccine, shitpost 

choosing not to be vaccinated is like a vaccine against cool people

is there a point where corporate social media stops recommending you to follow more people

tbh the "at birth" part is already bad enough let's just ignore the rest

guns, negligence 

americans casually talking about negligent discharges that nearly killed someone as if it was the most normal thing always frighten me


defcon 30 will be held in maryland, because the weather is better and it allows more attendees to just commute

sometimes I wonder what people know or think they know about me

mostly what do people wrongly assume about me, but that is obviously not something you can ask someone

at least if you expect useful answers

I should stop pressing buttons on the internet

me at my computers: none of you are free of syn

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