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just had a weird dream where had to go somewhere, but a bunch of people that seemed to be classmates from school where lingering in front of the building, lookin for me.
so I went past it and shortly after walking became difficult and i woke up noticing that my legs where trying to slightly move, but couldn't because they stck together

i'm on my fifth cup of tea, my mouth stopped tasting like metal, caught up on the last 30 episodes and i don't feel totally dead any more, so breakfast time??

Fukakai na Boku no Subete o chapter 22, content warning 

self-harm ment and blood

not enough important reading and writing done, but i read 60+ episodes of webcomic today so...

not sure if the clouding of this screen is getting worse by the week or i am just getting more annoyed by it

unable to log into my acounts because i can't even spell the username apparently

4,7€ per gig of ecc, i am slowly getting weak

2.5 talks don't really feel like a schedule

that was not where i planned for my walk to take me, because i kept making random turns, but i got a suspicious cheap supermarket pita roll out of it

standing in the entrance of some underground parking and aahh the cool air..

going for a walk, either improving my mood or dying from the heat

randomly finding post on the internet and nearly commenting on it, before remembering that you are using an lurker account and it would look very strange if you did that

feeling bummed out

feeling lonely
ambivalent about doing things
not making any progress with this stupid stuff
this damn heat

also just sigh in general

" i'm het and only like het things, so i read this knowing well that i wouldn't like it. 0/10 "

might just switch to an erratic nocturnal sleep schedule again, to try to enjoy the cold and calm of the night hours as much as possible

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