Just looked at some projects on Github and saw that the site no longer advertises a standard git command to copy for repo cloning. Now they encourage the use of 'Github CLI' with the syntax of 'gh repo clone'.

No doubt it's a wrapper around git that will slowly gain features that git won't add because there is no need for them.

They are no longer a 'git hub', they are a 'repo space'.

All leading to the classic, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

ÖPNV streik 

Und jaja, Solidarität sollte nicht davon abhängen ob ein Streik jemanden persönlich negativ betrifft, aber in der Realität regen sich Leute halt lieber über den Streik bzw die Streikenden auf statt über die Gründe, warum gestreikt wird.

Leider ist es meines Wissens nach so, dass diese Art von Streik in Deutschland (und vielen anderen Ländern) schlicht illegal ist.

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ÖPNV streik 

Zum ÖPNV-Streik hier übrigens mal ein interessanter Fakt: in Japan haben Busfahrer*innen 2018 gestreikt, indem sie einfach verweigert haben, Tickets zu verkaufen.

Ich finde das eigentlich ziemlich clever - es schadet dem Verkehrsunternehmen genauso wie eine Niederlegung der Arbeit, aber verhindert, dass sich betroffene Menschen über den Streik aufregen statt sich mit den Streikenden zu solidarisieren (eher passiert sogar das Gegenteil).

📢 90.000 ÖPNV-Beschäftigte sind ab morgen zu Warnstreiks aufgerufen – sie kämpfen für bessere Arbeit & starken Ausbau des Nahverkehrs.

Streik ist notwendig fürs Klima & gute Arbeit – auch deshalb klare Solidarität mit den Kolleg*innen.

bad shit going down, EZLN 

In case you didn't already know, the are currently threatened by and have been attacked by paramilitary groups, and are in dire need of support and solidarity.


(Linked post is from roughly 10 days ago)

A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 50 mags of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 0.746 mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 10000 mags of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a mag of pee.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders a tank of water.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders ahsbwhdheuc mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders /$&@"(&(: mag of beer.
A test engineer walks into a bar from drain, and leave by jumping out of the window.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orde
A thousand test engineers rush into a bar, and rush out.
A test engineer walks into a bar, orders 2"; DROP TABLE bar; mag of beer.
A test engine walks into the bar, punches tender's face.
A test engineer leaves the bar with satisfied face.

A client walks into the bar, orders a plate of pasta, the bar explodes.

Ich sympathisiere mittlerweile grundsätzlich mit Streikenden, aber mit den Streikenden des Öffentliches Dienstes im Moment besonders. Hätten wir besser mal im Frühjahr die Löhne dieser Menschen nach oben korrigiert, anstatt sie — und irgendwie auch uns selbst — zu beklatschen.

Bitte macht weiter so, ihr habt jedes Recht und meine Solidarität dazu!

minirant, interwebs, cookie dialogues 

Will never stop being annoyed about how 80% of the cookie dialogues on the web are gigantic piles of dark patterns and make opting out a massive pain in the ass. Yeah, there's ways around them, yadda yadda, that's not the point. Shit's fucked yo.


I did some minor adulting today but I don't feel very accomplished, just kinda drained. :breadunhappy:

anyway there's absolutely no fucking reason public transport needs to make a profit, it's necessary and it should be free for everyone and transit cops should honestly be bullied off the bus anytime they try to board one imo

I was wondering yesterday if there are any red/black bisected masks out there, turns out the Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation already made a bunch for their own mutual aid efforts :ancomheart:

is your child a communist? 

they may be running "Linux", a known communist operating system that's handed out to everyone free of charge (imagine!) and comes with the built in commands "cp" (Communist Party), "ls" (Left Socialism), "rm" (Revolutionary Marxism), and "cat" (Communism at All Times)

anyway here's the cold take on "professionalism" it's really just what people say to mean you should act more cishet, white, and neurotypical
and basically fuck that

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood anarchist: The only reason anyone "needs a job" is because there is a paywall on living.

the overwhelming majority of people have been successfully convinced that "politics" is when you make one extremely limited choice every 4-5 years. every other form of political action is a crime

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Benefits of CWs:
-avoid things that trigger me
-mentally categorize what appears online and approach it more conscientiously
-good format for silly jokes
-think about what I'm saying and how it will affect people before I actually publish it to the internet

Drawbacks of CWs:
-literally nothing???

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