It's unbelievable how much software there is that still only supports python2. Sunset for python 2 is in *checks calendar* thirteen days. 2020 is really gonna be a mess for everything python related.

@slowpoke Some people seem to disagree with python 3.

Way of the world.

@BioHackerBI Tbh I've seen very few people who actually "disagree" with py3 with legitimate arguments, usually it's just either "we depend on other things that haven't upgraded" (kind of a widespread problem still), or "we don't care/it's too expensive" (usually management/business people).

I've just accepted that it's gonna be a wild ride for the next months (optimistically; it's probably gonna be years) as it dawns on a lot of people that, yes, it's really discontinued this time.

@slowpoke And I felt bad because I waited till the end of 2018 with porting my projects over to 3… :F

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