I've recently learned that there are apparently enzyme sticks that you can throw into your drains to keep them clean and blockage-free long-term.

I'm someone who generally forgets to clean drains regularly and thus have to deal with more or less nasty blockages every now and then, so these sound like a pretty good solution to me.

Does anyone have experience with these? Do they actually work all that well? Or is this just a gimmick with good marketing?



I bought a pack and it's hard to tell.

We had a slight, intermittently recurring order I thought might be drain related that then I haven't noticed in a while, so, who knows?


I met a guy on a plane ages ago whose business is basically maintaining restaurant grease traps by squirting in microbes to help clean them out, so I'm prepared to accept this *can* work.

@slowpoke I don't think it works. These enzymes would need to be quite aggressive to actually dissolve blocking items. There are enzymes to aid in methane production in septic tanks, but even there it is more belief that fact.

@slowpoke We just bought a pack and put some down our sinks, expecting results (or rather non-results) in a few weeks ...

@slowpoke i bought a pack a of those some time ago, mainly for our shower drain. I think they work ok, but don't do miracles. Like I guess the drain now clogs less often/a little bit later, but still gets as greasy as before and clogs eventually. Not sure if I will buy them again, although I will admit that they give you a nice feeling of "having done something to keep your flat clean" with only throwing a stick in your drain :D

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