The mastodon API now allows users to schedule statuses, woop! I'm pretty excited about this one, because it a) means that we can introduce scheduling statuses via apps or other frontends and clients, and b) mastodon might get scheduled statuses itself at some point in the future! (Merged at in case you're looking for details.)


Firefox removed RSS support in version 64 and I can't view my feeds! For fucks sake, who the hell is in control of their roadmap? I just hope someone slaps the right people and tell them what a bad decision this is!

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Emails are like postcards unless you encrypt them.

I was one of the recipients of one of these, presumably encrypted to me, postcards.

Sadly I wasn't yet able to decode, let alone decrypt the message. (Invalid armor header, CRC errors)

If you'd like to help anonymously to make GPG at least accept the input message, here's a CryptPad: (No logging, no login required, tor friendly)

50Ω dummy load for testing ham radio transmitters built into a quart paint can. When complete it will be filled with mineral oil to help dissipate the heat.

My mistake was in following the directions! My beautifully soldered resistor network didn't fit in the can. Crimping them made it small enough to fit through the opening.

Next step will to build a nano powered power meter that will plug into to banana jacks.

#hamradio #amateurradio

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