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Save the date: 3 augusti planerar vi att återstarta IX nyckelsigneringar. Använder du GnuPG och är du i Stockholm så håll koll på för mer information

China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI.

Not unexpected, and might be the the first one many countries/companies blocking it.

My general idea is that I (a person with a little, but not a ton of linux experience) am going to try out a different distro roughly every month, and try to kind of liveblog my experiences here. I'm hoping to get a better idea of what different distros offer right out of the box, as well as just... having fun exploring things. Mostly just exploring things, really.

They motherfucking did it. Google is now blocking everyone in Denmark from hearing Danish music on YouTube.

Everyone else can hear our music but us.

What The Fuck.

Article from Danish Songwriter's Union in Danish:

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Don't run your BaoFeng without an antenna. It might kill the amplifier.

(source: Money Heist)

when DNA you uploaded and you marked that you didn't want LEO to access that data ends up leaking anyway. 🙄Data leaks. At some point in the future it may even be sold on, or hacked and sold. Just don't use these services.

80m-40m 🌞 day is now Fair 😐 

12m-10m 🌞 day - Poor 😡
12m-10m 🌙 night - Poor 😡
17m-15m 🌞 day - Poor 😡
17m-15m 🌙 night - Poor 😡
30m-20m 🌞 day - Fair 😐
30m-20m 🌙 night - Fair 😐
80m-40m 🌞 day - Fair 😐
80m-40m 🌙 night - Good 😍

Will the Crew Dragon return to Earth today?

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