Just noticed a new @realytcracker album dropped, listening to it now 👀🎧

How do I connect the instagram story editor to my printer send tweet

Dear doordash engineers, it could be worse: at least you're not asked to be an opensource worker

QT kpcyrd: Since people are tweeting about delivery workers right now: this is how much I made last month delivering food 2 days a week on minimum wage vs how much I made working on opensource 7 days a week (and I'm already blessed it's that high 🙏)

I was casually APTing with a friend and revisited the advanced scoping features we've briefly worked on a while ago. They are now more mature in v0.24.0 with the new `rescope` command: github.com/kpcyrd/sn0int/relea

Reminder that all my supply-chain content is now tweeted from this account (even tho there's overlap with offensive security in this one)

QT kpcyrd: Would you be interested in a weaponized tool that demonstrates risks of signing-key-abuse for real life update systems, if you happened to have access to the right private keys?

pew pew!

QT kpcyrd: This is pretty big for me, after 7 years one of my repos has reached 1k github stars for the first time

sn0int 0.23.0 released, featuring perception-based image hashing for collected images and an option to set a proxy and different default user-agent in `sn0int run` github.com/kpcyrd/sn0int/relea

Just found this on reddit and confirmed it's true for most (but not all) subreddits. I wonder what the implications for /#socmint are, is this better or worse for privacy?

That's amazing! 🖤

QT ariadneconill: after months of on-and-off discussion with the rust team, i am pleased to announce a proposal allowing rust to enter Alpine `main` for 3.16 and later: gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/

Rebuilderd 0.14.2 released with minor bug fixes and is now available in the alpine [testing] repository. github.com/kpcyrd/rebuilderd

Imagine you wrote an OSINT data mining framework but can't figure out the answer to "what did I do yesterday and where did I lock my bicycle??"

Imagine you're trying to infiltrate a private event, got a foolproof(tm) plan for both id checks but security pulls you out for "not being well dressed enough" 👀

Apparently I missed that rendezvous point was renamed to introduction point and I've been using outdated terms for a while, but I really like how those error messages go in-depth of how hidden service work!

Tried to build a command that summarizes the data stored in the workspace, what do you think?

QT wolfniya: I've said that gitrip is down, but that's not strictly speaking true - the domain name has been seized, but the server itself is still alive, because it's in Russia, a country which correctly understands that US law does not apply to it.

We've released sn0int v0.20.1, not much changed but initial setup of a new workspace is now 1242% faster!

Due to recent events in Iran we've published our proof-of-concept pluggable transport for signal-desktop on github. Please note that this project has never been fully implemented, see the disclaimer in the readme: github.com/kpcyrd/signal-doh-e

yo @signalapp! I have a trivial one-line patch to fix a bug that's currently preventing independent verification of the signal-desktop package in Arch Linux, but your CLA is asking for my legal name and address, which I don't want to provide. What should I do? cc: @ReproBuilds

We've released sn0int v0.20.0, mostly bugfixes and a new "stealth" field in metadata so you can limit sn0int to modules that are passive or even just offline modules. github.com/kpcyrd/sn0int

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