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Framewok pour « décrire » une surface d' attaque en traitant de façon semi-automatique l'information publique et en cartographiant les résultats dans un format unifié pour les investigations sur un ''

Vous aurez besoin de rust avec rustup

Puis pour sn0int
Build from source

Ensuite faut encore un peu bosser avant 1ère investigation

[release] kpcyrd/protondb 0.1.0 - Collect system information and steam handles from protondb profiles

> Is there a doctor on this flight?

Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you

Me: Not now Dad

Dad: Not asking for a blockchain security researcher to help, are they?

Me: Dad, there's a medical emergency happening right now

Dad: Go and see if "eclipsing the miners" helps

[release] kpcyrd/intelx-domain 0.1.0 - Discover subdomains, emails and urls from

We're happy to announce 0.14.0

This release features support for crypto currency addresses, improved support for darknet apis and a lot of other improvements. Available in archlinux, brew and alpine

Have a look at the new modules on

RT arch_update_bot: sn0int 0.14.0-1 (x86_64/Community)
"Semi-automatic OSINT framework and package manager"

Life Pro Tip: When doing calculations with crypto currencies, use the values from amount.h instead of unless you want the decimal point to be off by one

[release] kpcyrd/deviantart 0.1.0 - Collect data and images from deviantart profiles

When we started writing sn0int we assumed it's going to be used for many things, but improv wasn't one of them *hint hint*

People still use npm, right? We now have a module for that:

sn0int install kpcyrd/npm

People love to hate on kali, but not having everything preinstalled kinda sucks if can't download missing packages through your phone because you're sitting next to an X-ray machine and the walls around you are full of lead.

There's a new module for @haveibeenpwned that got updated to the new v3 api by @ysfr

sn0int install ysf/hibp

We've published our soundcloud module, get it with:

sn0int install kpcyrd/soundcloud

Is soundcloud covered by any tool yet? It seems we're about to drop the first public module soon™

After we've delayed the 0.13.0 release due to the it is now live in a package manager near you.

ohbtw, we have stickers at the DMs are open

There are some improvements of our pgp parser incoming. Some things are still TBD, but that's enough pgp for today.

We've had a quick look at , the new running on

Besides all the DoS vulns in sks that are fixed, there's also a significant change in discoverability of keys, which makes it a lot harder for us to use keyservers for .

Specifically we can't search by domain anymore and the service is now centralized, which means there's no sync interface that we could use to acquire a dump.

Nice work!

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