Apparently I missed that rendezvous point was renamed to introduction point and I've been using outdated terms for a while, but I really like how those error messages go in-depth of how hidden service work!

Tried to build a command that summarizes the data stored in the workspace, what do you think?

QT wolfniya: I've said that gitrip is down, but that's not strictly speaking true - the domain name has been seized, but the server itself is still alive, because it's in Russia, a country which correctly understands that US law does not apply to it.

We've released sn0int v0.20.1, not much changed but initial setup of a new workspace is now 1242% faster!

Due to recent events in Iran we've published our proof-of-concept pluggable transport for signal-desktop on github. Please note that this project has never been fully implemented, see the disclaimer in the readme:

yo @signalapp! I have a trivial one-line patch to fix a bug that's currently preventing independent verification of the signal-desktop package in Arch Linux, but your CLA is asking for my legal name and address, which I don't want to provide. What should I do? cc: @ReproBuilds

We've released sn0int v0.20.0, mostly bugfixes and a new "stealth" field in metadata so you can limit sn0int to modules that are passive or even just offline modules.

RT chris_foulon: How To Investigate Targets through Sn0int OSINT Framework

rebuilderd got one year old this month, there's now a reddit thread about the recent 0.9.0 release (a description what's rebuilderd is in there too): @ReproBuilds

RT anthraxx42: Join my talk "Rolling your own security team for fun and no profit at all" during Arch Linux Conference 2020 Sat 10 Oct 17:05 UTC for a deep dive from day zero up until today highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly.

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2 de mes outils favoris pour #osint
2 of my favorite tools for OSINT

− Harpoon

Si vous êtes nerdy à souhait,
You can add, if you're abvious crazy nerd,

− radare2 or gdb + peda
− Autopsy

Et contribuer (trad fr en cours) à Public Lab, trucs pour les questions environnementales qui vous impactent,
And contribute to Public Lab Tools for environmental issues that affect people

#diy #citizenhacking #citizenscience #hacking #diwo

RT wtm_offensi: @sn0int @epereiralopez Thanks for the RT and merge @sn0int! Awesome Rust rewrite of shijack.c on your end. We tried rewriting shijack.c to match modern libraries, but at the same time we were running out of time. Your Rust version of shijack.c made it a story worth telling. Thanks!

RT mubix: What's the most awkward project / tool name you have ever had to bring up in a biz/work setting? I just had a new one today. "SniffGlue" -> - It's a pretty amazing packet sniffer that give you Zeek-like info about the packets real-time.

RT steevdave: @mubix I’m a pretty big fan of @kpcyrd’s work. You should also check out rshijack and sn0int!

RT RustTrending: kpcyrd / sn0int: Semi-automatic OSINT framework and package manager ★676

RT WebBreacher: @thegumshoo Huge thanks to @osintcombine for the amazingly accessible web site!

If you are a WhatsMyName user in @spiderfoot, , or , there are a streamlined list of categories.

Participating in the @tracelabs CTF as a judge was definitely an intense experience. Got to work with some extremely talented teams! Almost accidentally engaged a target while reviewing a submission because my cat was looking for attention. Looking forward to the next one!

Joining the @TraceLabs Global Search Party CTF as a judge this time, super excited about all the that's going to come out of this!

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