There are some improvements of our pgp parser incoming. Some things are still TBD, but that's enough pgp for today.

We've had a quick look at , the new running on

Besides all the DoS vulns in sks that are fixed, there's also a significant change in discoverability of keys, which makes it a lot harder for us to use keyservers for .

Specifically we can't search by domain anymore and the service is now centralized, which means there's no sync interface that we could use to acquire a dump.

Nice work!

Going to ? We're going to participate in one of the ctf teams. Let us know, beverages welcome. :yayblob:

How to growth engineer in the :

- Signup on a mastodon instance of your choice
- Read the spec
- Chat with some folks from ArchiveTeam in
- Dig through the mastodon apis
- Have some dude in irc question your understanding of the fediverse
- Read the issue tracker
- Successfully figure out how to refederate a toot (yey!)
- Write a toot about growth engineering in the fediverse
- ???
- Profit

Still better than tho

Hey, how's everybody's weekend?

We're about to publish a new library tomorrow, also 0.11.0 is right around the corner with a bunch of new features and improved modules.

Stay tuned.

Quite a bit of work, but the module is going to become quite a lot more powerful, to the point of being able to compete with some tools that do nothing but instagram.

0.11.0 is also going to have a few other new features that have been necessary to build this. Stay tuned!

hello mastodon!

we now have an official mastodon account to keep you updated about the most recent development on sn0int, the only framework that comes with a package manger.

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