Dear doordash engineers, it could be worse: at least you're not asked to be an opensource worker

QT kpcyrd: Since people are tweeting about delivery workers right now: this is how much I made last month delivering food 2 days a week on minimum wage vs how much I made working on opensource 7 days a week (and I'm already blessed it's that high 🙏)

pew pew!

QT kpcyrd: This is pretty big for me, after 7 years one of my repos has reached 1k github stars for the first time

Just found this on reddit and confirmed it's true for most (but not all) subreddits. I wonder what the implications for /#socmint are, is this better or worse for privacy?

Apparently I missed that rendezvous point was renamed to introduction point and I've been using outdated terms for a while, but I really like how those error messages go in-depth of how hidden service work!

Tried to build a command that summarizes the data stored in the workspace, what do you think?

Spent some time working on new stuff, check out this heatmap of people talking about sn0int on twitter, generated with sn0int!

hello mastodon!

we now have an official mastodon account to keep you updated about the most recent development on sn0int, the only framework that comes with a package manger.

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