what a day 1 at the ! techies bans, pudge picks, megacreep comebacks, team secret playing phenomenal from behind as usal and ending their day with a 6:0 stomp, already over 106 different heropicks & bans now. seems to be in a balanced state overall right now


cant point my finger (*tentacles) at what went wrong with my bois from EG on day 1 tho. was it the questionable drafts, sumails constant throwaway plays or the general lack of teamplay from the blue ones? dunno. lets hope for the best @ day 2.

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damn. s4 stole arcane boots from fade and keeps them in his backpack (instead of destroying them) because this increases the networth of fade and so his buyback costs. mind = blown.

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day 3 isn't online for 10mins yet and tsunami and sheever are already dominating the panel

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