that first series tho. i expected psg.lgd to win against virtus pro, but definitely not that hard. what a stomp, rip fantasy points.

these first blood-stats are summarizing the whole offlane meta that just evolved in this group stage

day 3 isn't online for 10mins yet and tsunami and sheever are already dominating the panel

damn. s4 stole arcane boots from fade and keeps them in his backpack (instead of destroying them) because this increases the networth of fade and so his buyback costs. mind = blown.

cant point my finger (*tentacles) at what went wrong with my bois from EG on day 1 tho. was it the questionable drafts, sumails constant throwaway plays or the general lack of teamplay from the blue ones? dunno. lets hope for the best @ day 2.

what a day 1 at the ! techies bans, pudge picks, megacreep comebacks, team secret playing phenomenal from behind as usal and ending their day with a 6:0 stomp, already over 106 different heropicks & bans now. seems to be in a balanced state overall right now

fuck yes, here we go again! \o/ Heute startet das größte Esports-Turnier des Jahres The International 2019 , die Weltmeisterschaft. Ich werde bis zum 25.08 wieder 'ne Menge dazu schreiben, also mutet den Hashtag, wenns euch nicht interessiert.

"was hältst du davon, wenn wir mal wieder 'ne runde gewinnen?" - "da seh ich mich jetzt nicht so"

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