linux be like:
* in here, the data is binary
* whereas here, it is sbinary
* this is the place for optimal things, or maybe optical 🤔
* root directory, duh
* this is where users profiles are kept, just kidding
* the contents of this place are… variable?
* this is where libraries are put, except when they are put somewhere else
* these files run, but can't hide, i have no idea
* etc: this is the place for the really obscure things noone cares about

linux users be like: this is fine :thisisfine:

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the fact that most linux disributions haven't tidied this up for billions of years makes me feel better about my room.

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@sofia the only tidying up recently was moving everything into /usr.
*insert patrick star meme here*

@sofia actually nixos tiedied a bit…but…yeah, /etc/ and /home/…/ are still basically wild west

@sofia ...and then there's flatpak, introducing ~/.var !

At least no C:\

@sofia opt contains only optional things. Nothing (or depending of the view: everything) to see here.

And root has no home dir.

@flo yeah "optional files" sounds like a pretty meaningless category. what i have in there seems to be Samsung printer driver stuff and for some reason Signal and Element seem to put their chromium there 🤔?

@sofia I think opt stands for optional trash. Especially this printer things 😮

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