the latest episode of Retro Game Machanics Explained is about were controlled, and it's glorious.

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also we should bring back vector displays. with laser projectors. 😎

also remember that video cameras were a thing? combined with the vector display tubes, this implies the possibility of CRT VECTOR CAMERAS 😳😳😳.

i realize a vector camera woudn't just give you vector images of the scene, of course. but i think it could be perhaps be used the eye of something with an attention mechanism. it could selectively scan areas of the scene it's interested in, making trade-offs between temporal resolution, image detail in a certain area and field of view. or just focusing the attention on a few separate spots.

i'm not saying using CRTs would be the right tool for the job, i'm just saying it would be awesome 😅.

@sofia if you give it fancy sensors and decent computing power it could record depth information and gyro into point clouds or meshes, which would look sweet as dots/wireframes on a vector display

@lastfuture hm, i'm not quite sure what you mean. the sensor of a CRT camera is just a flat sheet measuring illumination of a single point, just like a CMOS camera would do. but unlike those a CRT camera isn't inherently pixelated. Its kindof the reverse of a CRT television.

speaking of TVs: i also just found out that people are modding old TVs to become vector displays, which is kinda awesome. what i mean is doing the same to CRT camera.

@sofia ah you mean a different crt camera than I do. I'll have to look up what you mean. The one I saw recently was a camcorder with a CRT as a viewfinder but it's now obvious you mean something much cooler

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