say it with me: 👏 crpyto 👏 currenency 👏 is 👏 not 👏 decentralized 👏

@sofia @maris 2 biggest BTC mining pools together controlled over 50% of the hashing power:

Developers of ETH deciding to blacklist some wallet addresses after the DAO kerfuffle:

So, it's centralized, just on a different level.


@rysiek @maris as for the pool-situation, this arrangements seems to be fairly stable. and it makes sense for them to be big, their purpose is to make mining less of a lottery. i'm not sure how todays pools are even organized and in how far they would allow for 51%-attacks. but i don't think it's really in the interest of miners to allow for 51%-attacks to happen, so they'll tend to switch pools if they get too big. and those attack need to be sustained to be effective.

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