say it with me: 👏 crpyto 👏 currenency 👏 is 👏 not 👏 decentralized 👏

@sofia @maris 2 biggest BTC mining pools together controlled over 50% of the hashing power:

Developers of ETH deciding to blacklist some wallet addresses after the DAO kerfuffle:

So, it's centralized, just on a different level.

@rysiek @sofia @maris

Just so people know:
The top 2 mining pools produce 31% of bitcoin blocks, which is not over 50%. When pools get big, they get broken up

And the Ethereum fork happened in 2016 when the system was small enough to allow such a thing.

If you want to make arguments against decentralized technologies, please at least do so honestly. #misinformation

If you wanted, you could even offer constructive criticism.


@adam oh, thanks for factchecking that. i knew there were pools dangeroulsy fairly close to 50% before. but that was ages ago 🤷.

and yeah, the fact that all (or most) developers could collude to do something potentially harmful isn't really the fault of cryptocurrencies, that's a pretty general software thing.

or and neither @maris nor said they were against decentralized technologies per se.

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